Sentai Hero Series: Hurricanger - Hurricane Red, Yellow, and Blue come with their weapons.

Sentai Hero Series: Goraijer - KabutoRaijer and KuwagataRaijer come with their weapons.

Sentai Hero Series: Shurikenger - Shinkenger comes with weapon and removable shield.

Bendy Hurricanger - The three Hurricanger in bendable form.

Plush Hurricanger figures - The three Hurricanger in soft form.


Hurricane Gyro - The Hurricanger's transformation item fits on wrist with brace, comes with three Shinobi Medals and lights and sound.

Hayatemaru - Comes with sword and gun, mdeal, rope and assessories.

Triple Gadget - The Hurricanger's weapon merge to become Triple Gadget in three different ways.

Gorai Changer - The Goraijer's transformation item, comes with two different Shinobi Medals and two attachments.

Ikazuchimaru: - The main sidearm of the Goraijer.

Double Gadget - The Goraijer's individual weapons combine to make one cannon. Came with Jakanja targets and other projectiles.

Shuriken Ball - Shurikenger's transformation item comes with clip and strap.

Shurikenbatto - Shurikenger's main weapon comes with light and sound, can be used as a microphone and can change into sword.

Ninja Misen - Weapon/Shamisen comes with pick and can fit the other weapons.


Hurricane Red and Winger Set - Figure comes with hand glider.

Hurricane Yellow and Winger Set - Figure comes with hand glider.

Hurricane Blue and Winger Set - Figure comes with hand glider.

Kabutoraijer and Thunder Bari Set - Figure comes with cycle.

Kuwagataraijer and Thunder Bari Set - Figure comes with cycle.

Shurikenger Fire Mode and Tenkuujin set - Figure comes with miniature Tenkuujin.


SenPuJin - The Hurricanger's three Shinobi Machines combine into one robo and comes with Karakuri Ball #1: Sword Slasher.

Senpujin Harrier - Deluxe version with two weapons.

Senpujin Harrier Set - Smaller sized version of the Harrier with ramp and wheel.

Senpujin and Dry Gun Set - Smaller size version of Senpujin (does not come apart) with Dry Gun with five balls.

Karakuri Ball Set #1 - Goat Crusher and Tortoise Hammer come together in this set and can combine to make the Goat Hammer. Come with capsules and Shinobi Medals.

Karakuri Ball Set #2 - Gatling Leo and Squid Attacker come together in this set and can combine to make Gatling Attacker. Come with capsules and Shinobi Medals.

Gouraijin - The Goraijer's two Shionbi Machines comine together and come with Karakuri Ball #4: Plant Axe.

Gouraijin Set - Smaller version of Goraijer also comes with FuraiMaru.

Karakuri Ball Set #3: Furai Maru - Two Karakuri Balls, Shinobi Medals and components make Furai Maru. Furai Maru can combine together the Goraijin with Senpuujin.

Jumbo GoraiSempujin - Super large version of Goraisempujin.

Tenkuujin - Shurikenger's main robo.

Tenkuujin - Special came with Karakuri Manto and Spin Bee.

Karakuri Ball Set #4: Tri-Condor - Three different pieces come in three spheres and combine to make Tri-Condor, that can combine three robos togehter. Comes with Shinobi Medals.

Karakuri Manto and Karakuri Stamp - Both sold seperately. Karakuri Manto was sold with sphere in a bag. Karakuri Stamp were sold in two different sphere colors, but same ink color.

Karakuri Ball Set #5 - Spin Bee and Kabuto Gani come with two Shinobi Medals and strap.

Karakuri Ball Set #5 - Catch Spider and Pittato Hitode with two Shinobi Medals.

Tri Condor Movie Version - Movie version of the Tri Condor, comes with sightly different spheres and special pendant.

Revolver Mammoth - Large Mammoth-like robot that can fit TenraiSempujin or GoraiSempujin on top. Comes with six spheres, it can also shoot out Karakuri Balls.

Revolver Mammoth and TenraiSempujin Set - Smaller versions of Revolver Mammoth and TenraiSempujin, comes with six speheres and assessories.

Tenrai Sempujin - Comes with seven pieces, three robos, and transparent Furai Maru. Toys R Us Exclusive.

Gorai Sempujin Black and Silver Version - Comes with seven pieces, two robos Sempujin and Goraijin, and Furai Maru.
Series:  26: Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger