Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger


Sentai Hero Series: Dekaranger - Deka Red, Deka Blue, Deka Green, Deka Yellow, Deka Pink, and Deka Master with their respective weapons.

Doggie Kruger - Fully detailed figure of the Dekaranger's boss.

Sentai Hero Series - Dek Red Swat Mode, Deka Blue Swat Mode, Deka Green Swat Mode, and Deka Break figures.


SP-License - The Special Police Dekaranger's very own transformation item that doubles as judgment decider with lights and sound.

Hybrid Mangum - Deka Red's main weapons, two guns with two hostlers and badge. The two magnums can combine.

D-Knuckle Set - D-Knuckle come with mini license and handcuffs D-Whoppers.

D-Arms Set - The other Dekaranger's weapons combine. Set includes belt, two hostlers, D-Whoppers, badge, D-Kunckle, D-Rod, and D-Stick.

Master License - Doggie's personal transformation item and license.

D-Sword Vega - Deka Master's personal weapon comes with badge and belt.

D-Bazooka - Robotic dog Murphy transforms into the D-Bazooka, comes with accessories.

Brace Throttle - Deka Break's main weapon and transfromaiton item.

D-Revolver - The Dekaranger Swat Mode's main weapon with twirling action and comes with head gear.


Change Big Machine Dekaranger - Deka Red, Deka Blue, and Deka Green change into their Deka Machines.

Deka Red and Machine Doberman Set - Deka Red figure comes with Machine Doberman car. Figure can be laid inside of the entire car case.

Deka Green and Machine Bull Set - Deka Green figure comes with Machine Bull car. Figure can be laid inside of the entire car case.

Deka Blue and Machine Husky Set - Deka Blue figure comes with Machine Husky motorcyle.

Deka Master and Deka Base Set - Deka Master figure comes with miniature Deka Base cruiser he can ride on top of.

Deka Break and Machine Boxer Set - Deka Break figure with Machine Boxer bike.


Dekaranger Robo - Five Deka Machines (Patstriker, Patgyrer, Patrailer, Patarmor, and Patsigner) become one robo with lights and sound.

Deka Base - Deka Base transforms from base to Deka Base Robo and into Deka Base Crawler.

Deka Bike Robo - Deka Break's main robo that has two modes and can combine with Dekaranger Robo.

Super Dekaranger Robo - Exclusive from Toys R Us, comes with six Deka Machines that become once.

Deka Wing Robo - Five PatWings become one robo with lights and sound. It can also change into a gun mode.

Blast Buggy - Exclusively from the movie. It can combine with the Dekaranger Robo.
Series:  28: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger