2000 to Now


Battle Fever figures - Each figure sold seperately. Flexible and bendy figures. Battle Kenya, Battle France, Battle Japan, Battle Cossack, and Miss America.

Battle Japan figure - Clothed figure of Battle Japan.

Battleceiver - communication device.

Command Bat - Could change into different modes and came with two different attachments.

Deluxe Battle Fever Robo - The first robo in Super Sentai history.

Battle Fever Robo model kit - put together the robo yourself.

Battle Fever Robo - Smaller version of robo with assessories.

Deluxe Battle Shark - their fortress.

New Deluxe Battle Shark - their fortress. Another version.

Battle Combination 2 - Came with smaller Battle Fever Robo, Battle Shark, mini heroes and villains, ball and assessories.

2000 to Now

Battle Fever Full-figure Set - Came with stands, sold seperately.
Release: Unknown

Super Sentai Robo Collection: Battle Fever Robo -
Release: Unknown

Deluxe Battle Fever Robo - Re-release for the 30th anniversary.
Release: 2006

Sentai Hero Series 15 Set - Figures avaliable, were released with Goranger and JAKQ figures.
Release: Unknown
Series:  03: Battle Fever J