Queen Beryl
Sealed away for one thousand years, Beryl returned to take what she believes is her rightful place as ruler of the planet Earth. Queen Beryl's scheme involved resurrecting Queen Metalia, by harvesting human energy. Beryl used a combination of mind-control and manipulation to force the Shitennou to do her bidding, such as collect energy for Metalia, find the Princess, and obtain the Silver Crystal. Unfortunately for her plans, her control were not absolute. Jadeite and Nephrite were rivals for her affections. Zoisite was more loyal to Prince Endymion than to her; and Kunzite had set his sights on taking Queen Metalia's power for himself.
Beryl also desired to bring Prince Endymion, whom she loved but who scorned her in the past life, to the Dark Kingdom. She was jealous of Serenity of having him. She created a shadow of herself, Mio Kuroki, whom she sent to Earth to torment Usagi. Mio also tried to seduce Mamoru into subsuming, but when that failed, she resorted to threatening the lives of the Shitennou. She forced Nephrite to kill himself as an example. The end result was Endymion reluctantly coming to the Dark Kingdom, but Princess Serenity was awakened inside Tsukino Usagi and was not pleased with what was happening. Beryl had Jadeite implant a cursed stone in Mamoru's body that drained his life into a painting whenever he thought about Usagi. Eventually, Queen Beryl realized that Queen Metalia's powers were going to destroy the planet. Since this went against Beryl's plan to rule the planet, she attempted to prevent Metalia's full awakening, but it was too late, she had already gained too much power. Endymion sealed Metalia's power and within himself, but it eventually took him over as Metalia Endymion. After Sailor Moon was forced to kill him and lost control, she became Princess Sailor Moon and destroyed the planet and the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl died as her castle crumbled around her, with Jadeite staying by her side even after being released from her control.

Jadeite was the first Shitennou revived, and his primary mission was to collect energy for Beryl and Metalia. He was deeply loyal to Queen Beryl, she would refer to Jadeite as the only one she could trust within the ranks of the Shitennou. He is quite firmly under the control of Beryl, and didn't seem to have his own agenda like his three peers. His near unwavering loyalty was a great advantage to the Queen, and she used it a every opportunity. He was in almost constant competition with Nephrite for the affections of the Queen though Jadeite remained in her favor for his entire length of service. Jadeite was entrusted with missions ranging from gathering energy to spying on his fellow Shitennou to attacking the Senshi. Jadeite was also not against to working with the other Shitennou, if he felt the outcome would benefit him.
On his own, his inexperience sometimes was a problem, but with the help of one of the stronger Shitennou, he gathered large amounts of energy. In fact, some of his greatest success came from working with either Nephrite or Kunzite. He proved formidable in a duel with Kunzite. Zoisite tells that Jadeite was the youngest of the Shitennou during the Silver Millennium, and as a result was treated like the little brother of the team. He preferred the use of twin crystal daggers in hand-to-hand combat and his projectile energy attacks were violet in color. Faced with the task of destroying Sailor Moon, he sought aid in Zoisite who guided the younger king on his first mind-flight. This process reverted Jadeite to his native crystal form to heal himself and regain his full power. He was later revived again by Metalia's growing power. Jadeite was torn between loyalties when Endymion came to the Dark Kingdom but continued to be Queen Beryl's go-to guy. It was Jadeite that inserted the life-draining crystal into Endymion. When the Dark Kingdom was collapsing around them, Beryl released Jadeite from her mind controlling spell and urged him to flee for his life. Jadeite refused, declaring that Beryl remained his master by choice. However, at the near-end of Act 49, he again calls Endymion his master and friend. In the Special Act, he and the other three Shitennou defeated four Pettiot in the disguise of them. He assisted in the battle against the Pierrot monsters and attended his master and Usagi's wedding. In Act Zero, he was Hanako, a police officer in a woman's uniform.

Nephrite was the second General to be called forth. He has a hot-headed temper and was desperate to please Queen Beryl, he was Jadeite's main rival for her attention. Unfortunately, while he tries very hard, he doesn't seem to be the sharpest of the Shitennou. Perhaps because of his inability to control himself, Nephrite became the Dark Kingdom's scape goat, acting as Beryl's whipping boy and favorite target of Kunzite's ridicule. Nephrite's orders were to find the Ginzuishou while Jadeite collected human energy. Without any reliable information, however, Nephrite continually chased after two fake crystals and the decoy Princess. After repeated failures and attacking Dark Mercury after she mocked him, Queen Beryl declared Nephrite useless and banished him from her sight. She said off-handedly that he should do something to prove his continued existence would be worthwhile. Despite Beryl's continual dismissal of him, Nephrite's loyalty never wavered. Dark Mercury discovered Nephrite depressed and lonely in a corner of the Kingdom, she told him it bothered her to see anyone in his emotional state. She also fixed his cape that Kunzite torn, a gesture he would later repay when he shielded her from Kunzite's sword after she became good again.
Beryl would later welcome Nephrite back into her group when the memories of the Shitennou began to reemerge. In an effort to lure Mamoru to the Dark Kingdom, Beryl used the Shitennou against him. She took control of Nephrite body and forced Nephrite commit suicide by impaling himself with his sword. Somehow, Nephrite quickly reappeared in Tokyo as a normal human with all his memories of the Dark Kingdom and Beryl intact. He ended up working with Motoki at the Crown Karaoke center, though he is clumsy, constantly looses his temper and is resentful to existence at large. He spent a good deal of his time taking out his frustration on both Motoki and the various equipment at Crown. Nephrite no longer found himself so desperate to return to the Dark Kingdom and Beryl. Nephrite also forges a tenuous friendship with Ami Mizuno, feeling the need to return the favor. Even though Ami didn't remember their moments together, she made efforts to be kind to him, empathizing with his own loneliness. When Princess Serenity destroyed the Earth at the series finale, Nephrite was seen disappearing along with the others. When Serenity and Endymion revived the Earth again, Nephrite was not seen alive on the Earth. Instead, he and the other Shitennou appeared before Mamoru, professing his loyalty to him and promising that they will appear when they are needed. He does so in the Special Act, when the Shitennou assisted in the battle against the Pierrot monsters, later attending his master and Usagi's wedding. In Act Zero, he was a police officer called Akai.

Zoisite was the third Shitennou to appear. Zoisite seemed to prefer attacking through his music from his piano rather than confronting the Senshi directly. Unlike Nephrite and Jadeite, Zoisite works by his own method rather than what Beryl commands. Zoisite's original orders were to kill the Princess. He had an early attempt on the hidden Moon Princess' life through his composition, "Requiem for a Princess." He would often play commonly recognized compositions including Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu," and Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." He was often the most intelligent and skillful of the Shitennou, such as when he assisted Jadeite with his first mind-fight though the process seriously injured the younger king and set him dormant for a time. Early in the series, he encountered with Tuxedo Mask and started to remember him from his past life as his master, Endymion. He became confused as to what do. Beryl re-brainwashed him, and he was temporarily taken out by a blast from Venus after a failed assassination attempt. He reverted to a zoisite stone. Like Jadeite, he was revived later in the series after Queen Metalia began to awaken and grow stronger. Having recovered many memories of the Silver Millennium, through his music, in a kind of astral projection, to reach out to Endymion, reborn as Mamoru.
He had made it his mission to coerce Mamoru and the Shitennou to remember their own. Unfortunately the results weren't entirely good, resulting in Kunzite developing an all consuming need for revenge against Endymion. Kunzite confronted Zoisite about his efforts to revive the memories of Endymion. Kunzite threatened him, preferring Mamoru to remain ignorant, making Kunzite's plans for revenge against his former master that much easier. Zoisite shrugged off Kunzite's threats and continued as he had, often enduring punishments from Queen Beryl to whom he held no loyalty. He attempted to reawaken Nephrite's past memories, but Queen Beryl's hold proved too strong. During the course of all these events, Zoisite would appear to Mamoru and it was his counsel that convinced Mamoru to accept his past life as Endymion and fight for the well-being of the planet again .Zoisite took it upon himself to protect his Master, from Beryl, Mio, the other Shitennou and Princess Serenity.

Unfortunately, Master Endymion never listened to the advice of his now most loyal Shitennou, and Zoisite was forced to make a bad decision that ended in disaster. Having been one of the first to understand the tragedy that happened, he desperately tried to keep the Prince and Princess separate, even developing a brief alliance with Sailor Venus. He gave her a magic music box that would purge her memories of Mamoru, as long as she would protect Endymion, since Beryl had a hold on him and Mamoru. She ignores Zoisite's demands that she help Endymion and at the end, shatters the music box. When Mamoru was brought to the Dark Kingdom and Zoisite continued to defend him against both Queen Beryl and Kunzite. Because of a stone implanted in Mamoru's body by Queen Beryl, he would fall gravely ill and his lifespan would shorten every time he thought of Usagi. Zoisite offered to trade his life for Mamoru's and Queen Beryl rejected. However, she suggested that she would perhaps accept the life of the Princess instead. Zoicite then sent his youma to kill Usagi. He would have succeeded had the words of Mamoru not swayed him. His master explained that he had remained captive in the Dark Kingdom for the sake of the Shitennou and to keep the planet safe and were their places exchanged, would Zoisite not have done the same? In the end Zoisite died, protecting Sailor Moon from the Metalia-possessed youma while the other Sailor Senshi were occupied with his own youma. With his dying breath, he reached out to his master and his fellow Shitennou again with his music before his piano finally fell silent and he died. However, Zoisite's noble spirit lived on and helped in reviving Endymion in the final act. Years later with the return of Mio, the Shitennou served their master and they later attending the wedding of Mamoru and Usagi. In Act Zero, he was Shirai, an anemic police officer, who harkened a lot of Zoisite's quirks.

The final Shitennou to awaken, Kunzite was first introduced as a kindly human named Shin. Usagi and Mamoru met him after he recovered Motoki's missing pet turtle, Kamekichi. He confesses to them that he has amnesia and doesn't know anything about his own identity, which reminds her of Tuxedo Mask and Mamoru indefinites with this of course. Usagi tried to help him remember by finding him a gift that will remind him of the things he loves, like from the beach. Shin lived alone in a very run-down looking house, with no memories and a fear of going outside. However, with Jadeite and Zoisite temporarily indisposed, Beryl decides to transform Shin back into his old self, the most conniving and vicious of the Shitennou. He was very independent and held very little loyalty towards Queen Beryl, frequently showed his disregard for her orders and herself. Kunzite places himself in charge of reviving Metalia, intent on having its power for himself. One of his main sources of amusement was humiliating Nephrite. He was the most successful at defeating the Senshi in battle. His first move was to try and turn Sailor Moon into a youma and when that failed, he turned his attentions to Sailor Mercury.
His efforts weren't in vain this time, and after exposing Ami to the power of Metalia to become Dark Mercury. He seemed quite fond of his new pet, and held a tight watch over her. She seemed to have developed her own disregard for authority, perhaps because she was directly given power from Metalia. When she returned to normal, he tried killing her but was thwarted by Nephrite. Kunzite was also the first to realize that Sailor Venus was not truly the Princess, and because of Zoisite's attempts to bring back his memories, Kunzite remembered Endymion. As a result, Kunzite felt extreme contempt towards the prince and wanted revenge on him for throwing away the planet over some girl. He believes betrayed them in ages past and left them for dead. Nevertheless, he continues to serve Queen Beryl, sending out youma and assisting the other Shitennou, Jadeite in particular. The chance eventually presents itself when Mamoru comes to the Dark Kingdom. Kunzite greets him with the tip of his sword, the rest of the Shitennou trying to figure out who to side with. Jadeite, under orders from Queen Beryl, attempts to kill Endymion, but at the last moment Kunzite throws himself between the two men and takes the hit. He collapses in Endymion's arms and professes his loyalty to his former Master again before finally dying. He assisted in reviving Endymion when Usagi revived the world with the Ginzuishou. Years later in the Special Act, with the return of Mio the Shitennou fought at Endymion's side, later attending the wedding of Mamoru and Usagi. In Act Zero, he was a police officer along with the other three Shitennou.

Mio Kuroki
Mio Kuroki, Minako's J-pop idol rival transfers to Usagi's class at Juuban Middle School in Act 29. Her signature song is "Change of Pace" and very skilled at volleyball, like Minako. She is a creepy and manipulative girl, who pretends to be Usagi's friend while doing all in her power to cause her sadness. Because of her forgiving nature, however, Usagi tried desperately to see the good in Mio, especially after Mio manipulates her into saying they are friends. Mio soon becomes very envious of Usagi's closeness to Mamoru and fakes fainting in front of his motorcycle in order to kidnap him and take him to Queen Beryl. There, Mio taunts Mamoru, telling him that Beryl will kill him if he does not join the Dark Kingdom and become Beryl's lover. Mio is revealed to be a 'shadow' clone created from a part of Queen Beryl herself, created by both Beryl and Jadeite sometime between Act 25 and 28.
Her objectives, other than making Usagi miserable, was to be Beryl's eyes and ears in the human world and to give Mamoru to Queen Beryl. After kidnapping Mamoru, her main role is to keep an eye on him for Beryl. She demonstrated some slight mind control powers, and teleportation, of both herself and others. Mio shared many of Beryl's beliefs and feelings, but Mio did demonstrate to have some free will of her own, such as bringing Rei as outside 'encouragement' to Mamoru's bedroom in the Dark Kingdom, when he was cursed. She claimed to do this because she was bored. She also harmed people who saw through her, such as Naru, and constantly tried to upstage Minako whenever she could, with mixed results. Toward the end of the series, her treatment of Mamoru inadvertently came back to haunt her when Prince Endymion was possessed by Queen Metalia, who seemingly killed her.
It turned out that the attack did not completely destroy her, though it took her four years to completely recover after Queen Beryl had been dead for some time. She returned as the main villain of the Special Act as Queen Mio, she emerged from the same building Dark Mercury made her first appearance. The blast of her arrival injured Rei. Mio turned an abadonned carnival building into her castle. She had the Shittenou kidnap Mamoru and Usagi. She wanted to marry Mamoru, so they can rule the new Dark Kingdom as King and Queen. She can repair objects, cause them to appear out of thin air, and create monsters from flames. She can also summon legions of Perriots, clowns to serve her and gather energy and Pierrots disguised as the Shitennou. Mio is also able to brainwash others. At one point she interrupts a television broadcast to announce that she is taking over. Not only with being attacked by the real Shitennou, she realized Mamoru would always love Usagi even if he was brainwashed and transformed into a giant green plant monster. She quickly fended off the Shitennou. Ultimately, she was destroyed by the Senshi's Sailor Planet attack. Afterwards, ther plush dog Choppi was left behind on the spot without reverting back to its torn state, even though Mio's other magic was all reverted.

Queen Metalia
Queen Metalia was the force that Queen Beryl tried to awaken and control by feeding it energy from the Earth. Metalia lacks a personality other than the desire to destroy the world. After Usagi awoke as Princess Serenity and the Ginzuishou appeared, Metalia's power began to grow exponentially. Her power and the power of the Ginzuishou were connected in a manner that was never fully explained. Beryl originally intended to use the Ginzuishou to control Metalia, but later learns that the gem's power only made Metalia stronger due to Serenity's rage transmitted through it.
This escalates to the point where Beryl can no longer control the actions of her own youma and fears that Metalia may destroy everything. Queen Beryl feared that the entity would destroy the Earth before she herself had the opportunity to take it over. Beryl tried various means to drain Metalia's power, but was unsuccessful. Metalia began to summon Youma on her own, bypassing Queen Beryl completely. These new, black-cloaked Youma, who were all identical in appearance, were weaker than previous ones, but appeared only in groups. In Act 41, cloaked youma merge into a single, powerful Youma, which drained energy from people throughout Tokyo, leaving them comatose. As the Sailor Senshi battled the Youma, it absorbed their attacks and continually became stronger. During Acts 45-46, Metalia herself possessed her host, Youma Metaria. This Youma was capable of speech while Metalia was using it as a host. Metalia was forced back out by a group attack before Sailor Moon destroyed the Youma. In a vain attempt to stop Metalia, Mamoru sealed her within his own body but Metalia takes control of Endymion. As Metalia Endymion, she uses him in an attempt to force Sailor Moon to use the Ginzuishou s power. Metalia's plan succeeds, but only after Sailor Moon was forced to kill Endymion. But Sailor Moon managed to revive Mamoru with the Ginzuishou's power, with Metalia gone forever.