Princess Sailor Moon summoned a group of white-clad Youma with crescent moon symbols to delay the Sailor Senshi so they wouldn't stop her from destroying the Earth.

Sword and Shield
Sword and Shield were summoned by Queen Mio to assist Mio's efforts to re-create the Dark Kingdom. Sword attacked Ami when she was driving a taxi to meet with her friends to obtain Legendary Sword. Shield attacked Minako and her bodyguards in a garage. They managed to escape. Sword and Shield later attacked Prince Endymion and the Shitennou. After a battle in which Prince Endymion tricked the Youma into destroying Sheild. Endymion then destroyed Sword.

The Pierrot
The Pierrot were a group of clown Youma summoned by Queen Mio. They were countless in amount and there were female and male genders. They fought either with swords or mallets, or just hand-to-hand combat. They had the ability to drain energy from humans. They could also perform dances and magic tricks to amuse Queen Mio or to distract their human targets. They road motorcycles as well. When beaten, they disappear in a purple light. Pierrot is the French word for clown.