ACT 31
This rock-like Youma raises from the ground with Metalia's cloaked Youma, in front of Makoto. It absorbs most of Sailor Jupiter's attacks. Sailor Jupiter awakens he rinner Senshi powers and destroys the monster with a powered-up version of Supreme Thunder. It is also seen in a flashback in Act 38, when Makoto recalled her awakening. Presumably, this Youma was also created by Queen Metalia.

ACTS 31, 37-38, 40-41, 43 & 47
After Queen Metalia's power began to grow exponentially in reaction to the Silver Crystal's power, a new type of Youma began to emerge. These black-cloaked Youma were weaker than previous ones, but appeared only in groups. These Youma acted independently and were not subordinates of the more powerful Youma. They are redesigned Golem Hei from the Super Sentai series Zyuranger.

ACTS 32 & 43
This Youma possess the body of male idol, Yuuto. After it attacks Sailor Moon, Prince Endymion fights it with his sword. Endymion distracts the Youma, so Sailor Moon could destroy it with Moon Twilight Flash. The Youma appears again in Act 43 and the Senshi without Sailor Moon fight this one. He gets Sailor Luna in a chokehold. It is destroyed by a combined attack from Sailor Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Luna.

ACTS 33-34
This flower-inspired Youma was confronted by Sailor Mars at night. It escapes and Ami and Rei are confrotned by a policeman to know why they are out so late. Sailor Mars fights it later, distracted by her memories of her mother and the confrontation with her father, the Youma seemingly defeats her, but she managed to injure it. Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Luna appear and drive it away. It targets Rei specifically as payback for the injury she caused it. Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter all attack in unison to destroy it.

ACT 39
This Youma was armed with a sniper rifle with a crystalline bullet to take out the Senshi, specifically Sailor Moon. Sailor Luna and Moon fight it, but Kunzite came in to distract Sailor Luna. Sailor Moon draws the Youma off into the woods, then turns around and attacks it. She manages to destroy its rifle with a blast from the Moonlight Stick, it retreats. Sailor Luna uses Luna Sucre Candy to destroy it.

ACTS 41-45
Metalia summoned this powerful Youma to drained energy from people throughout Tokyo, that let them comatose. The Youma, which initally has strands coming from its head. attacked Usagi and Naru, which forced her to transform in front of her friend. Princess Sailor Moon almost finishes him off in Act 42 but Usagi restrains herself, because she knows the power will make Metalia stronger. In Act 43, he appears again with the cloaked Youma but is unimpressed with the Sailor Senshi. He fights Sailor Moon along with Zoisite's Youma in Act 44. It impales Zoisite with crystals from its body and Zoisite manages to fire off energy that causes the Youma to retreat.

ACTS 45-46
In Act 45, Metalia herself possessed this Youma and it gained another form. Sailor Jupiter holds her off. In Act 46, Metalia was forced back out by Sailor Venus with her 'Rolling Heart Vibration.' All five Senshi destroyed the Youma with their 'Moonlight Attractive Attack.'

ACT 43
Water-based Youma that gives Sailor Mercury a hard time, because he can absorb her attacks and fires them back at her. Sailor Moon saved her and he retreats. He has the ability to retreat in any body of water and re-emerge from another body of water. He emerges again in front of Usagi and Mamoru, this time from the Ocean. Sailor Moon stabs the Youma with Endymion's sword. Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy the Youma.

ACT 44
Zoisite plays his piano to summon this silver Youma. It stalks and attacks Sailor Moon. It is defeated with a combined attack from Sailor Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter with their Sailor Star Tamborines.

ACT 47
Queen Beryl gives Jadeite a stone to summon this Youma to drain Metalia's power. As the Youma does so, plants wither and die and a number of Metalia's black-cloaked Youma appear and start attacking people. Sailor Mars destroys this one on her own, grief-striken after learning Minako had died.