Heart Moon Brooch
Usagi Tsukino uses her necklace as a transformation device, in conjunction with a nameless tube of lipstick to transform into Sailor Moon with the phrase 'Moon Prism Power, Make Up.' Her brooch becomes larger when she is Sailor Moon. It vanished when the Silver Crystal was destroyed and temporarily restored with the hep of the Legendary Sword.

Silver Bracelets
Each of the Guardian Senshi has her own transformation item that allow them to transform into Sailor Senshi. It changes to the Jewelry Star Bracelet during the transformation.

Jewelry Star Bracelets
The Guardian Senshi's Silver Bracelets transform into Jewelry Star Bracelets when they transform into Sailor Senshi. The bracelets remain present are their wrists as Senshi. They vanished when the Ginzuishou was destroyed, they were restored with the hep of the Legendary Sword. They then vanished once again when the battle was done.

A magical cellphone given to each of the Senshi. They can be used to contact more than one person at once. Each Senshi can use her phone to take a picture of a person or mannequin and change her own clothes into the selected outfit. It could also be used as a regular telephone.

Crown Passport
The girls use karaoke passes, conjured by Luna, to enter their Secret Base in Crown Karaoke. The cards purport to be year-long passes to use the karaoke booths so that the Sailor Senshi can get into the base for free. When he first sees them, however, Motoki was surprised they gave one-year passes but then shrugged it off.

Decoy Silver Crystal
A crystal which Sailor Venus wore in a tiara in her hair when she was impersonating the Princess. She had many, in fact, and could cause them to explode at will which Nephrite learned in Act 20.

Human Luna also carries magical cellphone similar to the Teletia-S, which she uses to transform into Sailor Luna by pressing the 6, 7, and 2 and the command 'Luna Prism Power, Make Up."

Rose Belt
Sailor Jupiter wears a pink belt with an attached translucent spherical container which held rose petal potpourri. It could, but never proven, be the source her attack 'Flower Hurricane,' in which she shoots a flurry of flower blossoms at an enemy. Unlike Sailor Venus's chain, it was never removed or used as a physical weapon.

Moon Phase
Mamoru gave this star-shaped watch as a gift to Usagi in Act 36. When he was kidnapped by Queen Beryl the watch was broken, but even after Usagi took it to be fixed and the face was replaced, it still wouldn't tick. It began working again when he was revived under the control of Queen Metalia.