Luna is a sentient plush toy, whom came down from the moon to help guide the Senshi, although she did not remember much of the past until she was showered by the Ginzuishou. Luna provides the Senshi with many of their s pecial items, which always spring into existence, seemingly out of thin air. It is unclear whether she is creating them herself or simply materializing them from some other location. She can also detect both senshi and youma. She often accompanies the senshi by tagging along in their bags or jackets. Usually she is represented by the actual doll and though CGI effects for walking, running, and jumping. In Act Zero, Luna is shown going through the atmosphere, getting hot, but not burned. In the Special Act, Luna is living as a human with the Tsukino family, but becomes a cat, every so often.

Like Luna, Artemis is a 'living' plush toy. He first appears in Act 11. He has a 'big brother' relationship with Minako, after he falls on top of her from the moon on Christmas and has her become Sailor V, believing to show her was better than explaining it. He has more accurate memories of the Silver Millennium than Luna. Artemis cares deeply for Minako, not just as a mentor but as a friend. He was the only she confided in before she got closer to Rei. Artemis occasionally delivers messages to Luna from Minako, even after she was revealed not to be the Princess. He tried to convince her repeatedly to seek treatment for her illness and was greatly disappointed when she didn't. Unlike Luna, he does not have a human form and does not join the Senshi in fights. Artemis gives special items to the Senshi, although unlike Luna he does not seem to produce them himself. Artemis gives the Senshi their Sailor Star Tamborines after Sailor Moon is revealed as Princess Serenity. Artemis attends Usagi's wedding on human Luna's shoulder.

Motoki Furuhata
Motoki first appears in Act 2, but his name is not revealed until Act 7. Motoki is an employee at Crown Karaoke Center, a karaoke parlor, and he spends much of his time doting over his pet turtle, Kamekichi. At one point, Usagi thought that Motoki might be Tuxedo Kamen, and invited him on a triple-date with Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and his two friends from college, one of which is Mamoru. Apparently Mamoru occasionally helps out at Crown when Motoki needs a favor. He and Usagi become separated in a maze, but he suffers from
a claustrophobic faint and is rescued by Makoto. Later, when Kamekichi went missing, Motoki ended up meeting Shin, who later turned out to be Kunzite. After Makoto gives him a scarf that she had knitted for a school project, there is a recurring flirtatious relationship between the two. While Makoto's stand-offish nature held him off for awhile, his persistence eventually began to pay off. They go out on a date, but Makoto pushes him away from her, stating that she must always be alone because it is her destiny. He saved a missing child. To his surprise, Makoto had no choice but to transform into Sailor Jupiter in front of him safter being attacked by a youma. Their connection grows stronger from this, and he buys her a small turtle, a good luck charm to protect her while she's fighting. Despite getting off to a very rocky and violent start, Motoki somehow ended up hired Nephrite, he he became human, to work with him at Crown. He was badgered "Nephikichi-kun" with a series of nicknames which only further infuriated Nephrite. It was also Motoki who began to notice Nephrite's strange behavior around Ami, and loaned him some money to get Ami a thank you gift. During the special act, Makoto owns a floral shop and Motoki is shown helping her out. The two seem to be dating, and at the end, Motoki catches the bouquet at Usagi and Mamoru's wedding and proposes to Makoto and she accepts.

Naru Osaka
Even though she is as happy and outgoing person as her best friend Usagi, Naru is more level-headed. Her mother, Osaka Mayumi is a jewelry designer with her own shop. Naru also had her own experience being a 'senshi' back when Sailor V first appeared on the scene. Usagi, Naru and their friends Momoko and Kanami cosplayed as their own unique senshi to protect Naru's mother's jewelry shop. They failed miserably, and Usagi got captured by the jewel thieves, but it turned out alright in the end. Naru grew jealous of Ami's relationship with Usagi, but the two girls eventually realized they were jealous of each other and resolved their differences. In Act 41, Naru learned of Usagi's other identity after youma attacked the daycare center where Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Naru were doing volunteer work. Naru was injured when Usagi transformed into Princess Sailor Moon and ended up in the hospital, but she forgave Usagi. Usagi told her everything about her current adventures and past lives and Naru acknowledge it being overwhelming, yet fun. In the Special Act, she attended Usagi's wedding.

Kanami Abe
Kanami Abe was one of Usagi's friends at Juuban Municipal Junior High School. She is smug and skeptical, often seen with Momoko. In Act Zero, she teamed up with Naru and Momoko under the identity of 'Sailor K' to protect Naru's mother's jewelry store from thieves and Cutie Kenko. In the Special Act, she attended Usagi and Mamoru's wedding.

Momoko Kimura
Momoko Kimura was one of Usagi's friends at Juuban Municipal Junior High School. She is often seen alongside Kanami. In Act Zero, she teamed up with Naru and Kanami to protect Naru's mother's jewelry store from thieves as 'Sailor M.' In the Special Act, she attended Usagi and Mamoru's wedding.

Haruna Sakurada
Haruna-sensei is Tsukino Usagi, Osaka Naru, Kanami Abe, Momoko Kimuta, and Mizuno Ami's teacher. She is fond of assigning cleaning punishment and giving pop quizzes. When Mio Kuroki transferred into her class, she joined in with the students with fawning over the famous idol.

Hina Kusaka
Hina's father is Mamoru's benefactor and pays for his education. Because of this Mamoru and Hina have been together all their lives. Mamoru and Hina are engaged before Usagi became Sailor Moon, but Mamoru had been distant and distracted for awhile. Hina is concerned but not suspicious until she finds a woman's pink handkerchief within his drawer. Unfortunately at Crown Karaoke, Motoki accidentally mentions Mamoru not truly loving her, not realizing Hina was present. When Hina is attacked in the park afterwards, Mamoru comforts her, but runs after Usagi to help her in battle. Hina comes to a realization that they have grown close, when Mamoru leaves for London she decides not to go with him and breaks up with him. She is seen again in the prequel Act Zero and a four-minute short called "Hina Afterwards," avaliable in the Act Zero DVD. It shows her after she broke up with Mamoru, she is an actress on a show or film called "Tuxedo Knight." The hero, Tuxedo Knight, resembles Tuxedo Kamen and Mamoru, he is even played by Shibue Joji. Hina mentions how familar he is and she is falling for him, but maybe she is influenced by her character. The short makes one believe she is being attacked by a Youma and saved by Tuxedo Kamen. She is original to the Series.

Saitou 'Shacho' Sugao
Saitou-san is Minako's manager, and a good friend of Usagi's mother. He is called Shacho (meaning company head) because he's the president of the 'Saitou Company.' Shacho is very flamboyant and a bit of a busy body. His main concern is to take good care of his most popular talent, Minako. He first appeared in Act 11 when Minako was in the hospital after the car accident caused by Zoisite. hacho had a few unfortunate encounters with the Dark Kingdom, the worst of which was when was being possessed by a youma. In Act 12, Minako
managed to escape him, and with Usagi's help, got safely away from the hospital as he persuaded her for the crystal. When he later encountered the other Senshi, the Youma left him in order to attack the Sailor Senshi. Luckily no permanent was done, and Shacho remained blissfully unaware that his most cherished client is Sailor Venus. Artemis and Luna were not very fond of him, though, as he liked to bestow kisses upon them to show his affection. In Act 39, with his encouragement, Ikuko made an audition video for a position as a housewife reporter. In Act 40, He was also a large part in discovering a new Idol, Mars Reiko, in response to Minako's declaration that she wanted to quit singing. This brought out Minako's competitive nature and encouraged her to keep going. Original to the Series.