Chouseijuuren Cloud Dragon
Chouseijuuren Cloud Dragon is as old as the Chouseishin, another remnant of the ancient civilization and residing within the ozone layer of the Earth to protect it from alien invaders. It is implanted with a DNA of humanity to start back up the human race. It has an AI modeled after a woman from the ancient civilization. She only descends from the ozone layer if the Chouseishin are summoned or are in need of her help. Prior to the final battle, Cloud Dragon formally introduces herself to the Gransazers before telling them they have the answer to stop the attack on Earth. The Cloud Dragon's attack is the Galactica Prominence Cannon, a devastating blaster capable of blowing entire asteroids to pieces. Cloud Dragon's Zodiac sign is unofficial 13th sign, Ophiuchus, also known as a serpentine man.