Grudge Demon Beast Chidogerah
Height: 75 m
He is a skeletal demon that can shoot a missle attack from its mouth. It manipulated radiation from the radio tower by attacking the computer systems of the radio tower. However, Takeo was not affected because she had lost the watch. Thunder Gridman destroyed it.

Dimensional Genie Abumaru
Height: 76 m
Weight: 60,000 tons 9,000
A humanoid monster with a star-like head and armed with two electromagnetic rods. It caused a time slip by entering the super computer of an university. It manipulated time. King Grideman destroy it.

Delinquent Kaiju Goromaking
Height: 79 m
Weight: 78,000 tons
Takeshi also tries to erase a monster created by the kindness. It has a gold headdress and what seems to be a red vest. It can speak the human language. It can shoot at a high speed bullet attack by blue light from the mouth as, treated as brandishing a long chain. Thunder Gridman destroyed it with the Thunder Grid Beam.

Tyrant Super Beast Devil Fazer
Height: 84 m
Weight: 90,000 tons 9,000
It fired a powerful electromagnetic wave from the skull of the head. It can spit a electromagnetic flame from its mouth. He caused a pregnant woman to be trapped in an elevator. Godzenon and Gridman fought the monster. It was destroyed by a counterattack.

Venomous Spider Super Beast Khan Giorgio
Height: 78 m
Weight: 80,000 tons 2,000
It emits a network of spider silk from the hands, mouth and spit a light beam recombination. Gridman struggled in a web and Dina Dragon helped him. It was destroyed by King Gridman's King Grid Fire.

Smelly Kaiju Skubone
Height: 73 m
Weight: 73,000 tons
This stench can also be fired from the mouth of two injection at the end of the tail. It affected the main computer of the Waste treatment plant, affecting the incinerator temperature control. The incinerator that emits a foul odor at the same time, blanketing the city in gradually. Gridman and Dina Dragon fought it and King Gridman destroyed it.