Ultrasonic Wave Kaiju Imit Anoshiras
Height: 68 m
Weight: 73,000 tons
Anoshiras was created with the help of Takeshi. It can emit ultrasound waves that can brainwash humans. It invade the computer to brainwash people to destroy all computer data all around the world. It hit Gridman's feet so he could not move the lower half of his body. Anoshiras nearly destroyed Godzenon. Gridman was freed with a special program and destroyed Anoshiras.

Tearing Sword Kaiju Mecha Bagira
Height: 73 m
Weight: 83,000 tons
It is the power-up and remodeling of Bagira. He has a scope attached to the right eye. Its tail blade can fly like a boomerang. It broke into the computer system of the Institute of Archaeology, allowing a mummy to awaken from sleep and run a rampage. Dragonic Cannon was used to defeat this monster.

Flame Kaiju Mecha Flamelar
In Episode 19, Kahn Digifer's information was confiscated by a policewoman. Flamelar attacked the computer of a hairdresser. He caused a fire go runway. He was converted into Mecha Flamelar by Kahn Digifer.

Stealth Kaiju Mecha Stealgan
Much like his original version, he has wings but is mechanical.

Illusion Kaiju Dazzlba
Height: 76 m
Weight: 80,000 tons 7,000
This monster has extended arms it uses as whips. It has blue eyes, white shell over its dark brown and orange body. It has the ability to cause people to hallucinate. He attacked a microcomputer and invaded people's dreams and caused Naoto to have a nightmare. Dragon Fortress was separated and combined their lasers to stop the monster. Once freed from the dream world, Gridman could destroy the monster.

Super Steel Kaiju Neo Metallus
Height: 74 m
Weight: 110,000 tons
It is a power-up of Metallus. It has two large pincher hands and is all silver with some blue and gold accents. It has power coming from its chest and can make a barrier. It infiltrated the computer at an excavation site that involved a fossil of a Tyrannosaurus. Gridman was running out of energy and tried to attract Naoto. Dragon Fortress fought Metallus but was taken down. Neo Metallus swallowed a Grid Beam and was destroyed.

Assassin Kaiju Mecha Generadon
It is a mechanical version of Generadon. It has a three pointed horn on its head and large scales on its back. It has yellow crystal-like knees.

Plant Kaiju Plandon
Height: 68 m
Weight: 40,000 tons
It is a red and brown monster with a leaf motif. It broke into the computer of biotechnology inside a flower garden center and created genetically modified flowers that spewed pollen poison. Gridman destroyed the monster with Grid Light Saber.

Poison Gas Kaiju Venora
Height: 70 m
Weight: 83,000 tons
This spiked monster can unleash poison gas. From its mouth, it can spit flame bullets. Rampaged onto a computer of a gas treatment facility, discharging a large amount of toxic gas and blanketing the entire city with black clouds. Gridman was attacked by poison gas and tormented by hallucinations of monsters he fought in the past. DinaDragon came to fight the monster but was forced to withdraw it as a love one collapsed. The government declared a state of emergency. King Gridman was formed when Dyna Dragon merged with Gridman and destroyed the monster. The battle was relayed to the real world through video, making his prescence known by common people. At this time, Lord Kahn Digifer made a formal declaration of war against humanity.

Radio Wave Kaiju Boranga
Height: 72 m
Weight: 80,000 tons
This metallic monster can emit powerful radio waves from the mouth. It has a plate-shaped dorsal fin from the tail and glowing blue eyes. It destroy the computer by entering the controller of radio control tank. King Gridman destroyed it.

Glancing Kaiju Eyegangar
Height: 92 m
Weight: 140,000 tons
Quadruped monster created by Takeshi. From the lens attached to the head emits a laser beam to destroy the molecular structure of targeted prey. It broke into the computer of the video camera of Takeshi. His camera had a low battery. Godzennon destroyed the monster with the Grid Light Saber.

Kung Fu Shinobilar
Height: 75 m
Weight: 55,000 tons five hundred
It is a power up of Shinobilar, who speaks and wanted to take revenge on Gridman. It was a nuncheck weapon that emmits heat. He attacked the computer of a pet collar and made it a bomb. King Gridman destroyed him.

Magical Super Beast Jubagon
Height: 75 m
Weight: 89,000 tons
Ultra-beast looks like a dragon. It can shoot out fire from its diamond-shaped chest. It broke into the computer system to disrupt the city. Gridman was brainwashed and manipulated to destroy the computer world. Godzenon fought Gridman but to withdraw, worried about Naoto. Gridman was reversed to sanity. It was brought down by his Neo Super Kick.

Prank Kaiju Teleboze
Height: 69 m
Weight: 68,000 tons
A college student made a cute pink monster. It can jumped pretty high which was hard for Gridman to catch him. It broke into the computer of a central office. In the middle of repairing the system, the monster became violent and evil thanks to Takeshi. It afflicts the Guriddoman with poison gas, is shot down by the King Grid launcher. It is destroyed by the King Grid Beam.

Absorbing Kaiju Gyurunba
Height: 74 m
Weight: 89,000 tons
It can inhale large orgasms with its mouth. It has sharp claws of the other three arms. It broke into a computer to for a vacuum cleaner discard waste by the roadside. It is destroyed by the Thunder Grid Beam.

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