Most are virus monsters created by Takeshi and brought to life by DigiKhanjar to go his bidding

Crystal Kaiju Gilarus
Height: 69 m
Weight: 65,000 tons
This grey and beige monster was made of Takeshi-virus program materialized by Kahn Digifer. Its body is covered in crystals and spews white smoke from its mouth. Inoue infiltrates the computer world from a hospital causing a current to flow, destroying the internal equipment and conflicting in a surgical procedure. Gridman uses his grid beam and spark beam to destroy the monster.

Elastic Kaiju Bamora
Height: 80 m
Weight: 80,000 tons
This horned and tailed red monster attempted to warp the system of computer equipment at the University of Sakuragaoka. Gridman was able to break the barrier created by the monster. It was destroyed by the Grid Beam.

Volcano Kaiju Volcadon
Height: 88 m
Weight: 83,000 tons
A turtle monster with rocks covering its body and a crater on the back. It spews out volcanic bombs from the mouth and back. Although usually act as a quadruped but can also stand upright. It invaded the central office computer in order to destroy the telephone line. Gridman destroyed it with his Grid Beam.

Stealth Kaiju Stealgan
Height: 67 m
Wright: 50000 tons
This dark blue and yellow monster can fly through the air by flying its wings. It can attack radio waves. It attacked the latest automotive computer board of Hosono and Soichiro board. It is destroyed by the Grid Beam.

Tearing Sword Kaiju Bagira
Height: 71 m
Weight: 77,000 tons
This monster has six horns: one on its head, sword-like horns on its arms, horns on its knees and a scorpion-like tail. It attacked computers of delivery centers and disrupted the distribution of goods in town.

Soundwave Kaiju Anoshiras
Height: 68 m
Weight: 73,000 tons
This monster has two large swirled horns near its head. It purifies the sound by absorbing noise from the music has been entered. It attacked computers of music stores. It was originally planned to replace Bagira. It was originally kind-hearted but it was brainwashed and its eyes changed.

Flame Kaiju Flamelar
Height: 73 m
Weight: 76,000 tons
A red and gold dragon-like monster that can spit fire at 30,000 degrees from its mouth. They burn things around in an instant. He teamed up with his brother Blizzalar in Episode 8. He attacked the computer of a microwave oven in a house, tried to cause a large explosion to heat the magnetron. Gridman broke his tail and it was later repaired. In Episode 8, he effected a computer that rapidly increased temperature of the air conditioner. He had support from his brother Blizzalar this time. He was killed by a sword cut by Gridman.

Cold-Frost Kaiju Blizzalar
Height: 74 m
Weight: 75,000 tons
Flamelar's brother can discharge the gas from his mouth of absolute zero, it can freeze instantly. It can eject ice missiles from its fingertrips. It destroyed the computer of an air conditioner, which reduced the temperature of the air conditioning. After Flamelar was killed, Gridman pierced Blizzalar with his sword.

Ninja Kaiju Shinobilar
Height: 75 m
Weight: 55,000 tons five hundred
This monster spoke the human language because of Artificial Intelligence it was equipped with and it could also use Ninjutsu. He was armed with two sharp weapons that could emit laser rays and a shuriken. It attacked the main computer of a cram school in attempt to brainwash teachers and students. Gridman struggled with his ninja abilities but cut him in half with the Thunder Axe and destroyed him with his Gridman Sword.

Subterranean Kaiju Terragaia
Height: 89 m
Weight: 62,000 tons
This monster resembles a beetle and crustacean, it can come out of the dirt. It can spit out hydrochloric acid gas from its mouth. It affected tap water to confuse people by attacking the computers of the water systems. It caught Gridman in a trap. The Thunder Jet and Twin Driller saved Gridman. Their attack Thunder Ring destroyed Terragaia.

Steel Kaiju Metallus
Height: 72 m
Weight: 100,000 tons
A steel monster with two pincher claws for each hand. He had a barrier from his chest. It attacked the computer management system in the shopping district. It was destroyed by the God Cannon.

Magnetic Kaiju Magnegauss
Height: 90 m
Weight: 130,000 tons
Quadruped monster armed with camera lens and a magnetic horn. It gives out powerful magnetic ray destruction. It can prevent the attack of the enemy with a barrier. It attacked the computer system of a security company, causing Yoshie Yoshihito to be trapped in a house. Gridman destroyed its magnetic horn and destroyed it with the GodZenon.

Electric Kaiju Generadon
Height: 73 m
Weight: 78,000 tons
This Purple and Yellow dragon monster with the ability to manipulate electricity. Created by Takeshi when he was angry and this monster attacked the computers in the gym with an indoor sports club. The training machines go hairwire.

Crystal Kaiju Mecha Gilarus
Height: 70 m
Weight: 70,000 tons
It is the power-up and remodeling of Gilarus. Has been greatly enhanced strength and performance than before, boasting about super body strength. Mecha Gilarus broke into the computer center at the Royal Greenwich Observatory and mangles clocks around the world. Thunder Gridman destroyed this monster.

Elastic Kaiju Mecha Bamora
Height: 82 m
Weight: 80,000 tons 8,000
It is the power-up and remodeling of Bamora. Left arm and the tail becomes an iron ball. Takeshi was riding a bicycle in the middle of the night without lights, has been branded as a thief. Mecha Bamora invaded the police station's computer, the murderer escaped robbery and destroy the security system. Thunder Gridman destroyed him.

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