The transform item given to Naoto from Gridman. By shouting Access Flash! Naoto is able to enter the Computer World and merge with Gridman to fight.

Plasma Blade
A shield made to repel any monster with an ultrahigh electromagnet. However it is useless against Monsters with a high enough power.

Barrier Shield
A sword pulled out of the side of the Barrier shield, can fire the Plasma Wave and cut through a monster.

Thunder Axe
An axe shaped form of the Gridman Sword. Used in episode 9.

Lightning Thunderbolt Sword Gridman Sword
A combination of the Barrier Shield and Plasma Sword. A draw back to it's high power is the size of it attack which is always large.

Fixer Beam
A beam from his chest that repairs damaged computer systems.

Spark Beam
a beam fired from his left wrist.

Grid Beam
A stronger beam fired from the back of his left arm.

Grid Hyper Beam
A more powerful beam fired with both hands.

Grid Light Saber
a blade generated in his left hand but wielded in the right. Often used as a boomerang weapon

Neo Super Conductivity Kick
an energized kick.

Size Change
Using the upgrade program Gridman can take on a giant size in the cyber world.

Grid Kinesis
A technique to feed energy into the Acceptor and free Naoto from a monster's influence waking him up.

Super Electromagnetic Beam
A beam to counter Suterugan's shockwave.

Materialize Beam
Eye beams that materialize Support Items sent by Naoto's friends.

Forced Combine Beam (Name unknown)
A beam used to force Naoto and Gridman to merge.