Axepter he transform item given to Naoto from Gridman. By shouting Access Flash! Naoto is able to enter the Computer World and merge with Gridman to fight. Spark Beam Spark Beam is fired from the left wrist. Grid Beam The Grid Beam fired from the back of the left arm. Grid Hyper Beam The Grid Hyper Beam fired from both hands Grid Light Saber The Grid Light Saber generated by the left hand and wielded by the right. Neo Superconductivity Kick Super-powered kick. Fixer Beam Is a beam projected from his chest that repairs computer systems. Gridman's Helper Programs manifest as weapons and mecha, all designed by Ippei. Either Ippei or Yuka operate the mechines via videogame control pad. His most prominent Helper Programs are: Thunder Axe It is formed from the Plasma Blade and Barrier Shield. Lighting Thunderbolt Sword Gridman Sword Thunder Axe becomes this sword. The Gridman Sword's final attack is the Lightning Thunderbolt. The Thunder Jet A Mach-5 aircraft armed with Thunder Missiles. Twin Driller A drill tank armed with Twin Lasers. God Tank An armored, tracked vehicle armed with God Cannon. Combination Electric God GodZenon The Thunder Jet, Twin Driller, and God Tank combine to form a humanoid robot. Its attacks include the GodBreaker, Godkick, and GodPunch, in which GodZenon fires its fists off like missiles at its opponent. Super God Thunder The Thunder Jet, Twin Driller and God Tank can also become a suit of mechanized armor for Gridman, forming Combination Super God Thunder Gridman. Thunder Gridman's attacks include Thunder Grid Punch, Thunder Grid Kick, Thunder Grid Fire, and Thunder Grid Beam, which is fired from the right hand. Drill Break is in which the Twin Driller's boretips are fired from the shoulders and home in on the target like missiles. Dragon Fortress The DinaFighter is a Mach-36 aircraft (armed with DinaMissiles and the DinaLaser) which can transform into the massive Dragonic Cannon, a shoulder-fired weapon wielded by Gridman. The KingJet is a Mach-18 aircraft (armed with KingMissiles and the KingLaser) to which the DinaFigher can dock, forming the Dragon Fortress,, Mach-43 aircraft is armed with Fortress Missiles. Super Dragon Combination DinaDragon The Dragon Fortress can transform into the Super Dragon Combination DinaDragon. This bipedal dinosaur-like robot is 85m tall and fights with its burning Dragon Roar breath attack. Combination Dragon Emperor King Gridman KingJet can become another mechanized suit of armor for Gridman, forming Combination Dragon Emperor King Gridman. King Gridman's attacks include: King Grid Punch, King Grid Kick , King Grid Fire, King Grid Launcher (fired from the forearms), King Grid Beam (fired from the right hand) and the chest-fired Fixer Beam.