VR Troopers
1994 - 1996 | 92 Episodes
Ryan Steele is in search of his father, who created special gear and technology for him and his friends to stop Grimlord of Virtual Reality from taking over our reality.
Saban's Masked Rider
1995 - 1996 | 40 Episodes
Dex is Prince of Edenoi and his uncle Dregon is after the powers given to him. Dex escapes his homeworld that Dregon has taken over and is adopted by a multi-race Earth family.
Big Bad Beetleborgs
1996 - 1997 | 53 Episodes
Three kids enter a Haunted Mansion and are granted the wish to be their favorite comic book super heroes but the villains are also released!
Beetleborgs Metallix
1997 - 1998 | 35 Episodes
Crustaceans, creations of Les, Art;;s brother, overtake Nukus and are the new threat, so Les gives the three Bettleborgs new powers and arsenal.
Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
1998 - 1999 | 50 Episodes
The evil Queen Maeve wants to take over the kingdom of Kells and the Mystic Knights are determined to stop her, with the help of dragons and fairies.