Melzard Tribe
The Melzard Tribe is an ancient race that have existed since prehistotric times and has been dormant for millions of years. Melzardis, their huge fortress rose from a fissure in the ocean floor during an exploration the Cosmo Academia did in their submarine. They seek to devour mankind.

Mother Melzard
The leader of Melzard, whose members she gave birth to by eating a fossil with one of her tendrils and spitting it back out an egg which instantly hatches into a Melzard creature. She commands her two sons Raija and Dezzle. When the B-Fighters entered her fortress, she fought them personally until she was mortally wounded by Kabuto. But using the energy of the Earth, Mother Melzard evolved into a larger monster and gained a new form, Jadow Mothera. She was killed by Kabuterios and Kuwaga Titan.

Jadow Mothera
Mother Melzard's evolved form

Dinosaur Warrior Raija
A powerful warrior with red Ceratopsia-like armor, he is in-charge of commanding the Melzard monsters based on land-dwelling creatures. Raija persistently quarrels with his brother Dezzle, both of them attempting to overshadow each other. He became enraged when his monster Driceraija, he created from a piece of himself, was defeated and he challenged B-Fighter Kabuto to a duel. He was beaten by Kabuto's Liner Blast and his body turned to stone. Miorla takes it back to the Melzard fortress. Mother Melzard revived him by empowering him by the magma deep within the earth. He died at Kabuto's hands in the finale.

Insect Swordsman Miorla
Raija's comrade, a female warrior with light green insect-like armor and wields two red swords. She is always by Raija's side and calls him 'Raija-Sama.' When Raija was seemingly killed, she took his petrified body to the Melzard Fortress and stayed by him until he awakened.

Deep-Sea Fish Man Dezzle
Dezzle is Raija's constant rival and younger brother, commands the underwater creature-resembling Melzard monsters and he is actively the one to sabotage Raija's plans. After Raija was killed, Dezzle was granted with more power from Mother Melzard and became Dezzle the Great. Unfortunately, he is defeated by the Input Rifle, with only his head remaining. Dord placed Dezzle's head on a tank and Dezzle was later revived by Mother Melzard in a new, mysterious form. His new form, given new power by the darkness of the deep sea, a white mask concealed his face and he had no torso. He eventually was killed at last in the finale.

Rock Chamberlain Dord
Dord is Dezzle's squat footman whose head resembles an ammonite fossil. Dord has very little fighting power but still carries out Dezzle's plans. Dord looked after Dezzle's head after his body was eradicated, and remained his loyal servant, until Dezzle returned in his new form.

The Melzard's footsoliders, two different types for Raija and Dezzle.

Raija Shineitai
Raija's Shineitai seemingly were made from the fossils of a Stegoceras, a Pterosaur, and a prehistoric spider.

Dezzle Shineitai
Dezzle's Shineitai seemingly were made from the fossils of a prehistoric fish, a prehistoric jellyfish, and a prehistoric squid.

When Mother Melzard ingested four of the eight insect medals, she gave birth to four armored fighters named the B-Crushers to counter the seven B-Fighters. They appear from episodes twenty-eight to fifty.
Giant worm-like tanks can transform into the Fly Giborbasaerial fighters, and vice-versa.