Raija's Monsters
Raija's monsters are land-based creatures.
Giant Elephant Beast Elebammoth
Born from a wooly mammoth fossil, it was sent to begin a new Ice Age and kill all of humanity in the process. Elebammoth begins freezing everything in his path with his liquid nitrogen gas. When he froze Yui, Kouhei battled the monster, losing to him, until the last Command Voicer flies into his hand as Kengo and Ran arrived. As Kabuto, Kouhei killed Elebammoth with the Cavalier Lancer attack.
Episode 1
Violent Dragon Beast Dinozaura
Born from a Tyrannosaurus fossil, Dinozaura had 3 heads and 2 tails for hands. He was sent to destroy the power lines and sources in the city to affect Cosmo Academy's attempt to set up the Neo Beet Machines. Dinozaura was soon defeated by the B-Fighters. He returned with powerful bombs in his heads for a kamikaze attack to take out the Neo Beet Machines. When the B-Fighters learned this, after realizing Dinozaura was not attacking powerlines like before, they got him to follow them to the countryside to finally kill him after his heads detached from his exploding body.
Episodes 3-4
Earth Dragon Beast Molardo
Born from a prehistoric mole fossil, he was weak at first until he ate a special fruit that empowered him. Molardo was killed when Tentou blasted his sunglasses off, leaving him blinded by sunlight and vulnerable for the deathblow.
Episode 6
Flame Ant Beast Baneria
Born from an ant fossil, she was sent to lay her eggs around Mount Fuji and as the eggs neared hatching, they began to rise in temperature, threatening to cause an eruption. However, Dezzle, intend on sabotaging his brother's plan, gave medicine to Baneria that would raise her body-temperature. However, the temperature in Baneria kept rising to the point of her becoming a living bomb. Kouhei managed to freeze Baneria to reduce her temperature so he could finish her off without any explosion.
Episode 8
Leaping Fist Beast Gangaroo
Born from a prehistoric kangaroo fossil.
Episode 10
Thorn Illusion Beast Cactusera
Born from half of a cactus fossil.
Episode 12
Bat Beast Zyren
Born from a prehistoric bat fossil.
Episode 14
Fang Tiger Beast Dygerfire
Born from a Smilodon fossil. Dygerfire looked like a combination of a mouse, with a second tiger's head on his forehead. Dygerfire could blast flamethrowers from his second/tiger head.
Episode 16
Destroyed Flower Beast Groba
Born from a fern fossil. Groba could sprinkle a destructive pollen from her head in battle.
Episode 18
Heat Fruit Beast Pineappler
Born from a pineapple fossil.
Episode 19
Heat Wind Beast Zarst
Born from a prehistoric vulture fossil. With the flaps of his wings, or a blast from his breath, Zarst could cause immense heatwaves.
Episode 21
Changing Color Beast Gameleorda
Born from a chameleon fossil.
Episode 22
Spirit Evil Beast Zalamander
Born from a salamander fossil.
Episode 24
Frightful Warrior Beast Driceraija
A triceratops monster that was born from a part of Raija's body.
Episodes 26-27