Kouhei Toba (B-Fighter Kabuto)
Full Name: Kouhei Toba
Designation: B-Fighter Kabuto
Weapons: Kabuto Lancer, Input Cardgun, Input Rifle, Astral Saber
Gear: Command Voicer
Vehicle Road Kabuto
Neo Beet Machines: Kabutron, Kabuterios
Toba Kouhei is a seventeen year old highschool star athlete who is chosen by the Command Voicers to be B-Fighter Kabuto. He is a very courageous fighter, although he occasionally leaps into a fight rashly. He lives alone with his younger sister Yui, whom he cares for a lot, because their parents are away. As B-Fighter Kabuto, Kouhi dons a gold armor that is modeled after a kabutomushi beetle. His Finish Weapon is the Kabuto Lancer, with he can perform the deadly Liner Blast. His Road Beetle motorcycle is the Road Kabuto, and while riding it he can use his Kabuto Lancer to perform the Cavalier Lancer attackd. B-Fighter Kabuto is the only one who can use the Astral Saber to control and merge with the Great God Kabuterios.