Command Voicers
The Command Voicers are voice-activated henshin devices that B-Fighter Kabuto, Kuwaga and Tentou use. The devices store the Neo Insect Armor which is activated when the user inserts their respective data card and shouts Chou Jyuukou! (Super Heavy Shell!).

Kabuto Lancer
B-Fighter Kabuto's finish weapon. Liner Blast is an attack B-Fighter Kabuto can use with the Kabuto Lancer. The Liner Blast is a horizontal gold energy slash. When on his Road Kabuto bike, B-Fighter Kabuto can use the Cavalier Lancer attack, spearing his enemy through the chest and being able to tossing them to the ground.

Kuwaga Chopper
B-Fighter Kuwaga's finish weapon that can perform Gravity Crush, a deadly downward attack.

Tentou Spear
B-Fighter Tentou's finish four-pointed tips at each end of the weapon that can perform the attack Crossway Slicer, an X-shaped double diagonal slash.

Input Cardgun
Input Cardguns are the sidearms for the three main B-Fighters. Activated with the Input Cards.

Input Cards
IC-01. Attack Beam: Standard energy blast.
IC-02. Fire Beam
IC-03. Jamming Beam: Blast sends out a disrupting wave that stuns enemies.
IC-04. Needle Laser: Blast of small needle-like darts.
IC-05. Cement Beam: Blast of cement that hardens when it hits its target.
IC-06. Cold Laser: Blast of freezing cold.
IC-07. Tornado Shower: Blast of forceful gust of wind at high speeds.

Astral Saber
The Astral Saber is a short sword with a crystal ball in its hilt. Within this ball is a small mechanical kabutomushi beetle. The Astral Saber was sleeping in a cave until Sophie Villeneuve's song woke it. B-Fighter Kabuto was able to call Kabuterios forth from the saber and join with the giant robot. The Astral Saber now stays within the Kabuterios.

Geist Axe
The Geist Axe is a green axe with a crystal ball with a stag beetle within it. It becomes the giant Kuwaga Titan. Initially, Death Scorpion was the wielder of the Giest Axe and the commander of Kuwaga Titan, but later B-Fighter Kuwaga got possession of it.

Insect Commander
The Insect Commander is a version of the Command Voicer used by the B-Fighter Ageha, Yamma, Genji, and Min.

Input Rifle
Combination of Input Cardgun, Tonbou-Gun, Bright Pointer and Semission Magazine, normally held by B-Fighter Kabuto. This weapon fires the Kabutonic Buster, a ball of destructive energy. One time, B-Fighter Kuwager used the Input Rifle and fired a similar energy ball called the Kuwagatic Buster.

Ringer Swords
B-Fighter Min's swords that vibrate at high speeds to cut through objects.

Semission Magazine
B-Fighter Min's device that can attach to the back of the Input Cardguns and give them elemental powers including flame and lightning. The Semission Magazine is a part of the Input Rifle. Semi" means Cicada in Japanese.

B-Fighter Yamma's dragonfly energy-blasting gun.

Bright Pointer
B-Fighter Genji's small handheld device he created that can fire the Impact Flash. The Bright Pointer is part of the Input Rifle.

Lightning Cannon
B-Fighter Genji's large cannon that fits over his forearm.

Bloom Cannon
B-Fighter Ageha's large cannon that opens up like a flower to fire the Maxim Beam.