Full Name: Shadow
Warrior Designation: Black Beet
Weapons: Jamming Magnum and Stinger Byoot
Gear: Black Commander

The vile insect sorceress Jagul used the power of a kamikirimushi (long-horned beetle) and a cell sample from Kai Takuya/Blue Beet to create Shadow. He first appears in Episode 19. Shadow is Takuya's evil clone, whom often dressed completely in black (boots, jacket, pants) and hid his face with a black hat. With his Black Commander, he transformed into Black Beet with the phrase "Jakou!" (Evil Shell). As an evil B-fighter, his armor is modeled after a Longhorn beetle. Jamming Magnum was his pistol. His Stinger Weapon was the Stinger Byoot ("byuuto" is the sound effect similar to a whip whizzing through the air). It had two forms: In Wire Mode, it was a claw on a long wire, that could be used to grab items that were out of reach or to strangle people. In Saber mode, the wire retracted and hardened into a long thin blade with the claw on the end, and could be used much like a sword. The B-Fighters had not known Shadow looked just like Takuya or that he was his clone until Episode 43. Because he was a clone, Shadow could not survive on his own and sought Saint Papilia's gift of eternal life as Emperor Gaohm did. He was killed in episode in a duel with Blue Beet, blasted by the Super Final Blow, and disintegrated into a pile of black ash. Black Beet was later revived/absorbed by Jagul in the series finale.