"Training Robots"
The B-Fighters were testing their newly acquired powers on three robotic drones and practicing their guns' special beams. The robots were quickly destroyed. These robots were recycled from previous Metal Hero shows, one of which was a Janperson monster.

Death Mult
Originally one of Jera's soldiers, he was defeated by the B-Fighters easily. After this, Jera retrieved his body and decided to bring him back to life and make him a combination of all three monster army types. His armor was now red. Gigaro provided a scorpion's tail and wings while Schwartz added built-in shoulder cannons. Death Mult proved able to defeat the B-Fighter until the three generals started arguing about which feature he should use to attack and kill them. Death Mult was stalled by the conflicting orders, enough time for the B-Fighters to defeat him. He was later resurrected by Gaohm to exterminate the B-Fighters and Sinbad. He was destroyed again by Sinbad. Death Mult was later revived and asborbed by Jagul in the series finale.

At first, an old woman in a brown kimono with a brown cloth over her head and a wooden keg on her back. She could suck people inside the keg, which she used to turn them into pickles which she sold to creatures from other dimensions. She later revealed her true form, a demonic creature that could attack with fangs and claws during battle. Jera tried to trick her into fighting the B-Fighters. An old man who had befriended her, convinced her that she didn't need to fight anymore. She decided to stay in this dimension with him, and shattered her keg, freeing the people inside.

A self-proclaimed bodyguard from another dimension who wore cowboyish attire. He appeared during a fight and offered Jera his services, but in the fight he missed the B-Fighters and escaped back to Jamahl for his pay. Later, he approached the B-Fighters and claimed that he was just trying to infiltrate Jamahl so he could take out Gaohm, and if they paid him he would do just that. Mai believed him and scrounged up enough to pay him. Nero was planning to take the money from both sides and leave this dimension. Mai found out that he had Jamahl money. Jera appeared, having discovered his secret, and impaled Nero. Meanwhile, Mai had scanned Nero's gun and found out that it was designed to miss. Nero hated war, and never meant to kill anyone. Before dying, he told Mai to finish the battle quickly, because war is a terrible thing.

A legendary fire-breathing cat-like monster that was fossilized and unable to move. Gigaro had Schwartz use a youth-restoring machine to bring back Figer, but Schwartz set it too high and as a result, Figer came out was a child who would breathe fire towards anyone around him, including Gigaro. While trying to stop it, Blue Beet tackled Figer and was hit by residual youth energy that was in it, turning Takuya into a child. Gigaro and Schwartz eventually recaptured Figer with candy, so they could put him back into the machine to age it to a more dangerous age. Again, they overdid it and Figer that came out blackened and burnt. Blue Beet also used this chance to restore his own age, then destroyed Figer with the Super Final Blow.

Gigaro felt a common bond with this bear who was hunted and destroyed in the mountains. Gigaro,rekindled Giga-Tsukinowa's hatred of man and made him a blood-thirsty monster whom Gigaro used for his "B-Fighter Hunt".