Mercenary Army
Composed of mercenary warriors from various dimensions who joined Jamahl for various reasons. Some of these warriors were humans wearing armor. They are led by Jera.

A swordsman whose main weapon was a large sword, and was the first of Jamahl's monsters that the B-Fighters battled against after gaining their powers. He was destroyed by the Stinger Weapons.

Zaiking was dispatched to incinerate the forests. His head resembled a cow's skull and he wielded an axe-covered mace in battle, which he could shoot lasers from. His destruction of the forest angered Daisaku, an avid lover of nature, and lead to him to kill him.

An other-dimensional warrior who got his power from the Pholon Jewel, which fits inside his head. With this jewel he could fire energy blasts and was virtually invincible. The B-Fighters destroyed the jewel and he was killed after being weakened due to loosing the jewel.

A comrade of Jera's who wore an armored chestplate made from the Black Dragon, a monster that Jera and Baala defeated some time ago together. The revenge-filled spirit of the Black Dragon within the armor possessed Baala, so it could have its revenge on Jera. Baala finally broke free of its control and stabbed it and herself with a dagger. Near death and free of the Dragon, Baala challenged Blue Beet to a duel and died a warrior's death.

Iluba was sent to kill Mina, the last survivor of the Botania Dimension (The Botania Dimension is one of the many dimensions that Jamahl had conquered). Her father sent her to our dimension with the seeds of the Botania tribe, and erased her memory. Iluba sort of resembled a samurai warrior. The source of his power was his sword, which Reddle destroyed and finished the weakened Iluba off using her Stinger Plasma. He was later revived by Jagul to fight the B-Fighters.

Gorgodal was one of Jera's mercenaries who fought the B-Fighters for the money. Mai repimanded Gorgodai for following Jera, and ultimately Jahmal, just for the money. With that, Gorgodal decided to quit and tried to return the money he had been paid. But Gaohm didn't accept this and brainwashed Gorgodal to be primal. Mai tried to talk to him again, but he could barely remember her name. Gorgodal eventually had to be destroyed, but was given a burial and his grave was marked with his own shuriken.

A Grim Reaper-like being with the power to summon the spirits of the dead and control them, unless they had things they wanted to accomplish on Earth, which made them able to resist his control. Yuri, one of the ghosts raised, wanted to fall in love before she died and thus resisted crossing over. She fell in love with Takuya and helped him fight Shinigamian by making the other ghosts realize that they were just being used. Once Shinigamian was defeated, the ghosts were free to return to the afterlife. Yuri followed this time, having fallen in love with Takuya and consequently completing her unfinished business.

Night Biker
He was originally a reckless biker named Kazuma Iwata that Mai met. He was put in Jamhal's "Survival School" with Mai, who tried to get him and the other captured people, out of the School. Kazuma was brainwashed and changed into an evil warrior by Jera using a machine. The control device was in his bike's fairing (external metal). When the device was destroyed, Night Biker reverted to his normal human state as Kazuma.

Nicknamed Spider of Flame, she was assigned the job of capturing Guru, so Gaohm could use him to gather the energy of the insects on the planet to complete the Jamahl Hole. Hidra could blast fire and smoke from her mouth as well as send out web threads to wrap and/or bind her enimies. Gaohm, without Jera's knowledge, promised Jera's place to Hidra. When she succeeded, he gave her an armband as proof of her new rank. However, the armband was actually a bomb. Despite Jera's learning of this and warning Hidra, Hidra blew up and died but not before telling the B-Fighter to kill Gaohm for her.