Combat-Mecha Army
Composed of combat robots led by Schwartz.

Hammer Kong
A robot with giant hammers for his hands and a head in the shape of a hammer head. He could pound his hammer hands on the ground to create explosive shockwaves (Hammer Crush), or toss them like giant boomerangs. He could also fire an energy beam from his one eye and spit huge nails to pin his enemies to the wall. He was destroyed by Reddle's Tornado Spark.

Death Launcher
A green robot with missile launchers on his shoulders and gun batteries on his wrists, which were his major weapons. He was destroyed by the Beetle Break.

A black camera-based robot with a lens on his chest and flashbulb-eque eyes. Gamerio disguised himself as a photographer, and taking pictures of people transported them to a Jamahl quarry to do slave work for Jamahl. His transport could be interfered with by high-frequency soundwaves, such as those emitted by a dog whistle.

When he got mad, his arms and legs folded inside, the meter on the left side of his head went into the red zone, the pin on his head flew off and he exploded with tremendous power. He was destroyed when Reddle used the Wire Hand with the Magne Attachment to pick up Ikari-Bomber off the ground, and was blown up by the Beetluder and Stagger Tank's guns. He was eventually rebuilt as Ikari-Bomber 2.

Ikari-Bomber 2
Ikari-Bomber was rebuilt as Ikari-Bomber 2, with a new orange-colored body and slightly different head. Ikari Bomber 2 was now able to self-explode and self-repair. However, during a battle at a junkyard, he accidentally incorpated a hair clipper into his body, which grafted itself onto his left hand. Overcome by the hair clipper's desire to cut hair and to seek revenge to those who had discarded it when it was still usable, Ikari-Bomber went on a rampage, shaving people's heads. He kept being demolished and coming back together until the B-Fighters were finally able to destroy him by destroying his remains one by one to hinder his self-repair ability.

A robot with a dome-like head and a rounded chest that could open up into a large mirror, and could trap people within a mirror with their reflection, and Gagamirror could assume their shape. He sucked Takuya into his mirror and disguised himself as Takuya to infiltrate the Heavyshell Base. Eariler, Takuya took a young boy he knew to see the Beetmachines and they were by some flowers. Takuya swerved and breaking in the Beetluder to avoid hitting the flowers. So when Gagamirror as Takuya stepped on said flowers--Rei realized his identity. He was killed by the Beetle Break.

Dangar's mission was to eliminate the escapee Lala, who had been forced to help build the Death Gaohm, a super-cannon that could destroy an entire country in one blast. He was to eliminate her because she escaped. Lala was a scientist from the Aroa dimension and although she fell in love with Takuya, she returned home after Dangar and the Death Gaohm were destroyed.

Macho Number-5
Schwartz's older brother, though Schwartz actually built him. He was injured in a battle with the B-Fighters. Schwartz entered Macho's head to pilot him personally, mostly to help him. The two together were a formidable enemy, and Macho's final plan to get rid of the B-Fighter was a self-destruct switch he had installed in himself. He activated it and planned to take out the B-Fighter with him when he exploded, and so he told Schwartz to get out of his body. Schwartz refused, since they were brothers. But seconds before his death, Macho ejected Schwartz for his own safety. The only bit of remains of Macho that Schwartz found later, was his eyepiece. He took as a memento of his brother and vowed to his brother he would defeat the B-Fighters for him.