Full Name: Rei Hayama
Warrior Designation: Reddle
Weapons: Saber Magnum, Stinger Plasmar
Gear: B-Commander
Beet Machine: Red Gyro

Rei is a 22-year old animal instructor at Earth Academia's Aquarium. Captured along with Daisaku and receiving her B-Commander at the same time, she made quickly fought off the Jamal soldiers before joining forces with Takuya and Daisaku. Her armor was modeled after a a flower beetle or a female Kabutomushi, with shorter rounder horns. Reddle is the fastest and most agile of the B-Fighters. Reddle's Stinger Weapon is the Stinger Plasmar, which performs the Tornado Spark attack. Reddle's Beet Machine is the Red Gyro. It can also pick up the Magne Attachment and use it to attract and carry metallic objects. She eventually left the team for the South American branch of Earth Academia in Episode 22 to do research and help with protecting the living organisms there.