Full Name: Mai Takatori
Warrior Designation: Reddle
Weapons: Saber Magnum, Stinger Plasmar
Gear: B-Commander
Beet Machine: Red Gyro

Mai Takatori is a 19-year old woman whom the Pulsabers chose to be the next Reddle, to replace Rei in her absence starting from Episode 22. The Reddle armor was modeled after a flower beetle or a female Kabutomushi, with shorter rounder horns. Reddle's Stinger Weapon is the Stinger Plasmar, which performs the Tornado Spark attack. Reddle's Beet Machine is the Red Gyro. It can also pick up the Magne Attachment and use it to attract and carry metallic objects. Mai has a positive look on life and tries to see the good in everything. She, like Rei also has a love for animals.