Full Name: Daisaku Katagiri
Warrior Designation: G-Stag
Weapons: Saber Magnum, Stinger Claw
Gear: B-Commander
Beet Machine: Staggertank

Daisaku Katagiri is 23-year old tree doctor, he claims to have the ability to hear endangered trees and plants. He may be a bit hasty but he is a nature-loving man. He, along with Rei, was captured by the Jamar and were held as captives during the beginning of their invasion of the Earth. But upon receiving his B-Commander Daisaku, he and Rei quickly took care of the Jamar's soldiers. He was aquaphobic until he overcame his fear to save his father Daitesu Katagiri, a fisherman, from a trap laid by the gouseijuu Ebikaania in Episode 26. As the most physically powerful of the B-Fighters, G-Stag's armor is modeled after the Kuwagata, most commonly known as the Stag Beetle. G-Stag is strong enough to lift the Jamar soldiers and toss them around. G. Stag's Beet Machine is the Stagger Tank. The Stagger Tank can use the Drill Attachment concealed in the Beetluder and be used to burrow underground.