The B-Fighter's Henshin devices. To transform into the B-Fighters, they yell the command is "Juukou!" Each come with a different horn that reflect the hero's beetle horn.

Input Magnum
The side arms of each B-Fighter

Short swords that resemble the Hercules Beetle

Saber Magnum
The Saber Magnum is a combination of the Input Magnums, & Pulsabers. The Pulsaber attaches to the top of the Input Magnum.The Saber Magnum can fire a powerful beam of energy called the Maxim Beam. The Input Magnums has a 10- key pad on the side. Pulsabers have voice-activated features and can be used with Mega Heracles. They first appear in episode 22. With this each fighter can execute the PulSlash, a diagonal slash with the Pulsaber.

Stinger Blade
Blue Beet's personal triangular sword-like weapon. When the Stinger Blade's internal turbine whirls, the blade rotates and acquires auxiliary power, it performs the deadly Beetle Break, a deadly blue energy slash.

Stinger Drill
An supplemental weapon is first given to Blue Beet on Episode 21 after BlackBeet damaged the Stinger Blade in a battle. It is a large drill that attaches to the wrist-piece of the Stinger Weapon. The front and back halves of the drill rotate in opposite directions, and his attack with it is the Strike Blast, a charging stab that bores a hole through his enemies.

Stinger Claw
G-Stag uses this large yellow pincer-like claw to crush foes or swing them away. When the turbine inside it spins, the entire claw spins to give it an extra crushing power. G-Stag also can lift those held with the claw above his head and when the turbine activates, they spin around in his grip and he proceeds to throw them to the ground. Raging Slash is his deadly attack with the claw which entails a green horizontal energy slice. The claw also becomes the Stinger Boomerang when detached and thrown as a projectile.

Stinger Plasmar
The Stinger Plasmar belongs to Reddle and it is an array of four laser emitters that shoot powerful beams of red ion energy. She can use this energy to capture her opponents in lassos of energy and drag them across the ground or fling them through the air. If the internal turbine is activated the array spins at high speed and Reddle performs the Tornado Spark, firing her beams in a wide circular pattern.

Beet Ingram / Beet Ingram Final Mode
A red and white semi-automatic double-barreled gun-like weapon. The Beet Ingram is a legendary gun said to only be able to be wielded by a great hero. The top of the Beet Ingram can fold forward and over the barrels so that they are covered by a single barrel with two pincerlike armatures protruding from it. The Beet Ingram in this mode can be combined with Blue Beet's Pulsaber by attaching the Pulsaber to the top, to create the Beet Ingram Final Mode, whose power reached it full potential when wielded by Super Blue Beet for Super Final Blow attack.

Super Blue Beet