Sig (Grey SWAT)
Name: Sig
Designation: Grey SWAT
Third-in-command in gunmetal armor, ID number 011. Calm and intelligent telepath. After being wounded and showing green blood in a battle with an Alien, he reveals that he was part of the Space S.W.A.T., and an alien from a planet devastated by the Space Mafia. He came to Earth and possessed the cadaver of Gou Hirose, a brain-dead organ donor involved in a traffic accident, in order to survive on the planet and fight the Space Mafia. Although his identity as an Alien originally results in suspicion from Shou and Sara, he quickly earns their trust. In a twist of events, Gou had a son named Zaji who, comatose after being involved in the same accident as Gou, is being possessed by a member of the Space Mafia named Jisp. Sig is, in truth, 800 Earth years old.