BW-01 Dictator
The standard firearm of each Blue S.W.A.T. member, the Dictator is a semi/auto pistol which is able to be freely switched between the two modes.

BW-02 Plugloader
Cannon weapon which can be mounted on the Interceptors.

A Special weapon provided to Shou by Gold-Platinum. It allows Shou to upgrade his armor to "Hyper Shou." Can be combined with his Dictator for a finishing attack.

Missile Launcher
A heavy-duty rocket launcher which is used against the Aliens.

Laser Rifle
A large Laser Cannon weapon.


CV-01 Striker
The Blue SWAT's armored patrol car, driven by Shou.

CV-02 Interceptor
High speed pursuit motorcycles, ridden by Sig and Sara.


Star Fortress

Pulsar pod