Ben Fujinami

Ryuzaburou Tatewaki / Bill Goldy
An evil cyborg duplicate of Janperson, originally a human, he is a lunatic and the president of a company known as Tatewaki Konzern. He is usually seen licking a lollipop while watching Janperson fights his assassins. He later became a cyborg, via an operation, from the blue prints of how Janperson was made. He usually executes silly plans at first, but later on became serious with his schemes. He tried to frame Janperson, by impersonating his identity through his alter ego, as Bill Goldy, and used his name, in vain, but ingeniously failed. In the end, Janperson and Gun Gibson killed him once and for all, as the only means to save the world, as he was already far too dangerous. He was stabbed by Janperson, at the heart, with the Flash Blade. His final words before his destruction were, "See you in Hell." Bill Goldy was later revived in the Juukou B-Fighter finale special by Jagul, who used him as a pawn before absorbing him into her body. Enraged for this act, Bill Goldy personally dragged her to Hell with him.

George Makabe
The head of the renegade robot organization the Neo Guild. He is actually a human, but Janperson thought that he was a cyborg like his elder brother, Ben Fujinami. He vowed to mechanize the world, after he and his elder brother Ben lost their first android assistant, when they were kids. When Ben (as a cyborg) was "killed" by Janperson in the early part of the series, he reformed the Neo Guild into a stronger organization, vowing to destroy Janperson and rule the planet. Near the end of the series, he was revealed to be just a human with mechanical implants (unlike his elder brother Ben who became a full cyborg). Rather than submit to death, at the hands of the heroes, he chose to commit suicide.

Reiko Ayanokouji
The diabolical head of SS-N (Super Science Network), a biological underworld organization. She turns out to actually have plans to restore the Earth to beauty, acting as more of a villain with noble intentions. Her intentions are a result of her childhood, when she saw how beautiful the Earth could be without humanity destroying it. She became a monster, near the end of the series, and tried to turn all of humanity into fertilizers, hoping to restart the Earth as she saw fit. She eventually died, after receiving heavy injury from Janperson's Flash Cannon. She was later absorbed by Jagul in the B-Fighter finale special though she only made a cameo.