EDRT-001 Revolback G-3
Exceedraft Team's weapon. It can be used in 3 different modes, how is mounted. These are Hyper Blast Mode, Thunder Grenade Mode and Freeze Laser Mode, even its catdrige is just a normal weapon's catdrige.

EDRT-002 Try Shaft
A special baton used by the Exceedraft team

Access Lock S
Exceedraft's Transformation Device. Multi-purpose compact radio used by Exceedraft members. it can be used for voice communication, encrypted communication using the buttons, with functions such as remote control of the SIM spacecraft information. connecting it into the Access Lock Catcher near the seat of the Scramhead or of the Varias 7 will move the seat to the armor hangar of the vehicle to equip the Try Jacket armors.

EDRT-004 Hydrander
A portable water cannon installed on the hangar of the Scramhead

Turbo Unit
An Accelerator mounted on the armor's ankle. The turbine can spin in high speed and run in the Mach 1 approximated speed and the jumping power is boosted to 100 meters.

An Equipment shield-like to make Turbo Unit W's performance more efficient.

A scalpel-shaped laser sword, used by Redder. It can be stored in the Guardler. Is frequently used in close combat,Shrinking the portion of its blade, can also be loaded with the Heavy Cyclone

A Rescue Tool that appears in the middle of the series. It changes the equipment power replacing a unit with one of its modes: Drill mode or Disk Mode (used when a person is blocked in the elevator for example). On the other hand, the power is boosted 10 times when is combined with the Revolback G-3 and it's used as Revol Driving Mode.

Heavy Cyclone
A multi-purpose firearm developped specifically for SyncRedder. The catdriges used are "Magnum", "Gel" and "Vulcan", loading it with the E.M-Blade, it can perform the Nova Tornado hissatsu.

Redder, Blues and Keace's SUV, a modified, armor-clad Chevrolet K5 Blazer. It is extremely fast, and runs well even on bad roads. When Redder uses it, he gets into the vehicle and the seat moves to the armored top of Scramhead. The armored wings are attached outside the car.

Varias 7
SyncRedder's car, a modified Chevrolet Corvette C4. It is equipped with seven functions (Access Radar, Hyper Searchlight, Hydlide Cannon, Break Laser, Multi-Anchor, Hover Speeder, and Grenade Shooter). Patrol and emergency modes are used, depending on the situation.