Solid Suit
Daiki, Reiko and Ryoma's armor

a tool which shoots a special carbon-fiber rope or a special bullet

Daiki and Reiko's police license

O2 Pack
oxygen cylinder

Medical Pack
emergency equipment used by SolJeanne

Cuffs Lock

the only weapon Solbrain inherited from Winspector.

Pile Tornado
SolBraver and Knight Fire's big gun, with three functions

Super Discharger: shoots a fire-extinguishing beam

Caulking Puncher: shoots a special gelatinous, gluey, freezing bullet

Tornado Burst: a hail of 40 plasma-energy bullets per second, fired by Cerberus Delta. Its power is three times that of GigaStreamer's maximum mode (when SolBraver and Knight Fire fire it at the same time, its power is four times GigaStreamer's).

Cerberus Delta
SolBraver and Knight Fire's weapon. It has two operating modes Shot Mode (used as a ray gun) and Slash Mode (used, as a sword, to break obstacles such as girders and fighting enemies armed with knives).

Daiki's car, based on the Toyota Sera

Reiko's car, sometimes also driven by Jun. Based on the Toyota Previa

Solid States I
The mothership (abbreviated S.S.-I). S.S.-I takes off from Solid Hangerin one minute.

Solid Hanger

Knight custom
Ryoma's car, based on the Mazda RX-7