Dozer is Bycle's and Walter's successor. He is a yellow robot and can transform into a rescue machine.

Jun Masuda
A Solbrain member, unlike Daiki and Reiko he does not wear a solid suit; however, he is always in action.

Shunsuke Masaki
Chief of Solbrain. Compassionate and dedicated, he usually goes into the battlefield to help his subordinates.

Kamekichi Togawa
A machine expert, he is Nonoyama's successor.

Takeshi Yazawa
A pilot of the mothership Solid States-I, he leads the mothership's operating team and is senior to Daiki.

Midori Aikawa
One of S.S.-I's crew, she sees computer literacy as a main duty.

Cross 8000
Solbrain's supercomputer, and Madocks's successor