Monsters of the week, the product of Doctor Kiba's research. They can disguise themselves as humans.

  Chamelenoid / Kamerenoido
Posed as a middle-age man to steal top-secret files. Fire missiles from his chest.
Episode 01

  Catnoid / Nekonoid
Episode 02

  Mudnoid / Doronoid
Episode 03

  Rosenoid / Baranoid
Episode 04

  Octopusnoid / Takonoid
Episode 05

  Vulturenoid / Hagetakanoid
Episode 06

  Influenzanoid / Kazenoid
The only Bioron with a heart. Originally a simple doll transformed into a carrier of a flu-like disease engineered by Bioron, he is nevertheless unable to hurt his previous owner (as a doll), a little girl.
Episode 07

  Molenoid / Moguranoid
Episode 08

Episode 09

  Nightmarenoid / Akumunoid
Episode 10

  Hedgehognoid / Urchinoid
The first Biolon killed Naoto as he was defending Doctor Igarashi. Flashback episode.
Episode 11

Episode 13

Episode 14

  Wolfnoid / Ookaminoid
Episode 15

  Jellyfishnoid / Kuragenoid
Episode 16

Episode 17

  Starfishnoid / Hitodenoid
Episode 18

  Injectnoid / Chuushanoid
Episode 19

  Moneynoid / Kanenoid
Episode 20

  Bugnoid / Mushinoid
Made from the eggs of a bug stolen from a little girl by Biolon during a burglary.
Episode 21

Episode 22

  Goatnoid / Yaginoid
Episode 23

  Suicidenoid / Jisatsunoid
Episode 24

  Explodenoid / Bakuhanoid / 25

  Dragonoid / Ryuunoid
Episode 26

  Centipedenoid / Mukadenoid
Episode 27

  Elephanoid / Zounoid
Episode 28

Episode 29

Episode 30

Episode 31

Episode 32

  electric fishnoid / Raigyonoid
Episode 33

  Rhinonoid / Sainoid
Was a extreamly powerful bionoid able to withstand any of jibans attacks he worked with madogarbo and together they and queen cosmos killed jiban he was later killed by a reserected perfect jiban
Episode 34

Was a samurai who saved Yoko in past,but transformed into monster by Doctor Giba. The monster was armed with swords,chains, glue and a bomb in his body given by Madogarbo.
Episode 36

  Tortoinoid / Kamenoid
Episode 37

  Mushroonoid / Kinokonoid
Disseminates spores that cause laziness in people, including Kiyoshiro and local traffic officer Kotani, who decide to leave town on a fishing trip.
Episode 38

  HermitCrabnoid / Yadokarinoid
Episode 39

Episode 40

  Anacondanoid / Uwabaminoid
Episode 41

Not active as a monster; actually a suckling needing electricity to grow, provided by Namazunoid.
Episode 42

  Catfishnoid / Namazunoid
Electricity stealer, which he uses to power the incubator for Tyrannosaurusnoid.
Episode 42

Takes the appearance of an old lady to inject a drug on Yoko that is eventually carried over to Jiban after he rescues her from a Bioron attack. Uses a flute to control Yoko into hurting him.
Episode 43

Was sent to suck out the mind of a brilliant scientist to make a cure for the Pollen a Space Butterfly was scattering about that put people (Even Marsha and Karsha to sleep. Created by Queen Cosmos she attempted to get to the Scientist first but Suitorunoid absorbed not only the Scientist's mind but that of a young boy. When Queen Cosmos used her Mind-Snake on the Bionoid to release the minds the 2 got switched into the wrong body. (Episode 44

  Squidnoid / Ikanoid
Episode 45

Episode 47

  TempleBellnoid / Tsuriganenoid
Sent to protect Dr. Giba's Bionoid creation Lab. His sonic attacks scrambled Jiban sensors, severely damaging Jiban. But in the end was destroyed, as was the Bio Lab.
Episode 48

  Fakemomnoid / Nisehahanoid
Episode 49

  Great Gibanoid / DaiGibanoid