Kidou Keiji Jiban

Kidou Keiji Jiban
JAPAN 1989 - 1990
Episode Count: 52
Air Date: January 29, 1989 - January 28, 1990

Naoto Tamura, a new detective in Central City was killed by a Biolon agent in the line of duty. Doctor Kenzou Igarashi, a man whose experiments had been responsible for the Biolon syndicate's existence, brought the man back to life as a robot detective, Jiban. Eventually Madogarbo and Rhinonoid killed Jiban, who returned to life again as Perfect Jiban. In the finale, Biolon destroyed Jiban's base and transformed Madogarbo into false Jiban. Jiban defeated his duplicate and ultimately Gibanoid, the true form of Biolon's leader Doctor Giba. The victorious Jiban then learned that Mayumi Igarashi, the one civilian that knew his secret, had been his missing younger sister all along.