Other characters
Henry Rakuchin
A comical fortune teller who gets himself involved with the activities of Toha and co. Although he was trained to become a ninja, he gave up and ran away from his master's place. Has a one-sided crush on Mei.
Dr. Smith
An American scientist who was also Tetsuzan's first disciple. He defected to Japan with the help of Tetsuzan, fearing the way his research was being used for the "Star Wars Project". He dreams of combining his scientific technology with the ways of Ninpo- to help protect the world. In his first appearance in Episode 11, he repairs and improves the Jiraiya Suit after it was damaged in battle by Chang Kung-Fu Jr. and Green Dragon, building the Power Protector upgrade parts as well. In Episode 16, he takes Toha's beloved car and rebuilds it into the Black Saber. When he was kidnapped by Gamesh alongside his colleagues Dr. Brown and Dr. Schmidt in Episode 23, he managed to escape using a Ninpo- trick taught to him by Tetsuzan. He also wielded a fountain pen equipped with a laser gun that alters an enemy's brainwaves.
Paper Ninja Oruha
A ninja who can manipulate paper, he is employed by his own clan to hunt down deserters. He first appears in Episode 12, where he is assigned to hunt down a deserter named Mimura. However, he is reluctant to finish job, having had a romantic relationship in the past with Mimura's daughter Kasumi. After Mimura is killed, Oruha abandons the clan to elope with Kasumi. He retires and moves to Yamanakako with Kasumi, but is brought back into action in Episode 26 after becoming involved in a plot by the Sorcerers Clan. He has ability to create paper doll minions and uses dismantled scissors as throwing knives. In Episode 45, he and Kasumi are both killed by his former clan leader, but they are both brought back to life by the powers of Jiraishin.
Flower Ninja Yumeha
A female ninja apprentice from the Flower Ninja Clan, a clan from Lake Hamana which branched off from the Togakure school. She was raised by the clan's leader as his own after being abandoned by her birth parents when she was an infant. She was given the task of preventing the cursed armor of the Devil King from falling into the wrong hands. She has the ability to use falling flower petals as weapons, as well as the small branches from cherry blossom trees. She is assisted by Jiraiya in Episodes 17 and 18, and returns in Episode 32 to team up with Emiha and Reiha.
Demonic Ninja Sylvia
A sorceress who once terrorized Europe during the Middle Ages, she was magically sealed inside the Devil Sword, but was released from her confinement after the sword is dug out by Haburamu from underneath a palace in Istanbul. She has the power to hypnotize people she comes in contact with and bring them under her control, as the ability to shoot lightning bolts from her Devil Sword. She is shown to be powerful enough to take on the entire Sorcerers Clan by herself.
Episode 16
A member of the Flower Ninja Clan, he was raised by the clan's master after being orphaned as a child similarly to Yumeha. However, he became corrupt and conspired with half of the clan to conquer the world, assassinating his former master in the process. He seeks the Devil King armor to achieve his ambition, but becomes possessed after wearing it and ends up fighting Jiraiya.
Episodes 17 & 18
Devil King
A cursed armor said to turn its wearer into a warrior demon. It is invulnerable to arrows and bullets and can use its opponent's feelings against themselves. When Jiraiya approached the Devil King by lowering his fighting spirit, the Devil King's sword proved to be of no use at that moment. After Kurozaru is defeated, the Devil King is sealed away from the rest of the world once again.
Yajiro Iyo
A skilled warrior formerly from the Togakure school who seeks to challenge the best, he is known for his unpredictable behavior. He lives in the city of Matsuyama at Shikoku, but is asked by Tetsuzan to visit Tokyo in order to discourage Toha from becoming too arrogant. He does so by challenging Toha to an unarmed match for the ownership of the Jiraiya Suit and the Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword. After being defeated by Yajiro, Toha goes through an intensive training program in order to defeat him. Toha learns a new skill that allows to blank out his mind and augment his entire body's senses in order to better predict attacks. Toha defeats Yajiro in the rematch and reclaims his armor and sword.
Episode 27
A French policewoman and ninja who travels to Japan undercover as a tourist in order to recover the Nobutora Sword, which was stolen by Parchis from a museum in Paris.
Episodes 29,31 & 40
Akunobo Sugitani
A master of the Wicked Ninja Arts and skilled spear wielder, he was the man responsible for the deaths of Toha's birth parents. He kept himself hidden for 17 years in a hideout within the Togakure mountain range alongside his army of minions. When Sugitani decides to come out of hiding to attack the Togakure village, he is challenged by Jiraiya, who sought to avenge his parents.
Episode 28
Devious Ninja Black Thorn
A young shinobi who was raised and trained by the ancient ninja master Genchi Koshimura. Despite being trained by Koshimura to be a champion of justice, being the one who gave Black Thorn his name, Black Thorn rejected his master's values after his mother's death and turned to a life of crime by becoming a bank robber, believing that he could've saved his mother's life if he had money. Presumed dead after a fight with his former master, he returns four years later to plot revenge on Koshimura by framing him for various bombing and blackmailing incidents against the Government. He uses rose thorns as weapons.
Episode 30
Paper Ninja Clan Leader
The cold-blooded leader of Oruha's ninja clan. He cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan to seize Oruha for deserting the clan. Has the ability to transform himself into a dragon using a whirlwind technique.
Episode 45
An alien time capsule that fell from space during 4th century B.C. It holds a mysterious super energy equivalent to the Sun itself, causing the Sorcerers Clan and most of the World Ninjas to fight fiercely to obtain it. Its location is inscribed on a clay board, which was split into two by Dokusai when he betrayed the Togakure school and took one of the halves, with the other half being kept by Tetsuzan. Its true form is that of an energy being from the Dark Star that originally intended to invade the Earth, but was reformed when it experienced the kindness of earthlings. It can only communicate telepathically via Reiha, who is descended from one of the aliens that brought Pako to Earth.