Neros Empire
The Neros Empire is the underbelly of the Kirihara Konzern Corporation. Located at Shinjuku, it covertly controls all activities of the world's criminal organizations, including terrorists and finance. The Neros Empire's goal is world domination with economic and military might. The leaders meet at the Ghost Bank, a ring of gates containing key army officers surrounding God Neros' throne. The area enclosed by the gates and throne serves as both an arena and as a strategy room. Divided into four Units: Armored, Robotic Warrior, Monster and Armament.

God Neros
The leader of the Neros Empire. God Neros has a god complex and wants to rule the world through the arms market. His original identity is that of Kunio Muraki , a former technical major within the Japanese Army who assisted Dr. Koga in development of the Choujinki project. Testing on prisoners of war led to Muraki's arrest and supposed execution at Singapore, but he managed to fake his death by bribing prison officials. Muraki escapes to America where he joins several criminal syndicates, eventually killing their leaders off and stealing their riches. In addition, he undergoes plastic surgery to alter his appearance, making himself appear much more youthful than he really is. He then builds the Kirihara Konzern under the name of Gozo Kirihara. As far as the public knows, Gozo is a philanthropist at the head of an international financial empire. When entering the Ghost Bank, Kirihara undergoes a grotesque transformation revealing his true cyborg form as God Neros. He has Coolgin switch places with him, faking his death and manages to kill Top Gunder. In battle, God Neros can throw a sword like a spear, sprout tentacles from his throne to electrocute and bind opponents, blast lasers from the sphere on his helmet, and create/blast electrical energy from his hands. God Neros was beheaded at the end of the series by Metalder with the Laser Arm attack.

Beautiful Secretary K and Beautiful Secretary S
Gozo's spies. They are as ruthless and cruel as their boss. S dresses in a black leotard and wears her hair tied behind her head. K has green leotards and lets her hair drape to the right side of her head. Both die in the collapse of the Ghost Bank, denied their attempt to escape by Coolgin in the guise of God Neros.

  The Four Armies of the Neros Empire are God Neros' primary fighters. Each is led by a "Victorious Saint", with nine ranks beneath it. From highest to lowest: Brave General , Violent Spirit , Heroic Fighter , Explosive Fighter , Furious Fighter , Fierce Fighter , Strong Fighter , Medium Fighter , Light Fighter
Members that are ranked below Light Fighter are given miscellaneous designations such as Light Fighter Apprentice, Slave, and Musical Robot.

Ghost Bank
Ghost Bank is the secret lair of the Neros Empire, where the Four Armies gather. It can move anywhere, but its usual location is underneath headquarters building of the Kirihara Konzern. Each member of Neros Army has their own warp gate used to transport themselves to the Ghost Bank.

Miragehasha is a motorcycle with a sidecar used exclusively by the Armored Army.

Circulader is a motorcycle used exclusively by the Robotic Warrior Army.

Captron is a motorcycle usually used exclusively by the Monster Army, except when ridden by Coolgin in the first episode.

Drygun is a combat jeep that has been produced for each of Neros Army. When one is deployed, it carries the flag of its division.

Dark Guncarry
Dark Guncarry is a van that has been produced for each of Neros Armies. It is mainly used to transport troops.

Dester X1
Dester X1 is an advanced military machine tested by the Armament Army during a demonstration to potential buyers. Equipped with a variety of weapons and heat sensors, by coincidence it is used against Metalder. When the Armament army realizes Metalder was in the area looking for abandoned puppies, these puppies were then used as bait and placed in a minefield guarded by the robot. Metalder deceives the machine using a heated stone which gives him an opening to disable it. It is finally destroyed when Metalder throws Darbarbo onto it, the impact presumably causing his shoulder-mounted artillery to detonate.