Armored Army
A grouping consists of cyborgs and humans wearing armor. In the final episode, the helmets of every member (with the exception of Ben K) were revived to prevent Metalder from reaching God Neros. The heads crash into a wall and explode to damage Metalder.

Victorious Saint Coolgin
A first-class strategist, swordsman and God Neros' second-in-command. Though confused by his master's fear for Koga, Coolgin realizes why when Metalder reveals himself. However, Coolgin manages to defeat Metalder with one sword attack during their first confrontation. Coolgin had another brief rematch with Metalder in the Ghost Bank in Episode 19, but Metalder escaped before they could finish. In Episode 26, he gained yet another chance to fight Metalder one-on-one, but lost. Underneath his mask, he looks exactly like Kirihara; the purpose is so that he can be God Neros' shadow to create confusion. When the Ghost Bank self-destructs in Episode 37, Metalder believes he has defeated God Neros, but Coolgin and God Neros had switched places shortly before the battle. Coolgin attempts to kill Metalder and Top Gunder by destroying the Ghost Bank, but this plan backfires as Coolgin finds himself bound to the throne by electrical tentacles. Unable to escape, Coolgin accepts his fate and perishes in the explosion. Coolgin reappears as a ghost in the final episode. When Metalder stabs his fiery life force, he vanishes forever.

Medium Fighters Mukimukiman and Fuufuuchu
Mukimukiman and Fuufuuchu are half-naked, comical wrestling rejects. Mukimukiman has a muscular build and is dressed in white battle gear with white hair; Fuufuuchu is obese and wears a large black helmet and red vest. In the first episode, they fight Metalder during his first battle and are pummeled and tossed aside. Their final appearance is in episode 8, where they are seen arm-wrestling with Hedogross.

Violent Spirit Chuubo
Chuubo is Samurai-like master of the katana and the hook. He led FuuFuuChu, Mukimukiman, Wogger, Gebaros, and Zakembor into killing Dr. Koga and fights Metalder in his first battle. He fought Metalder for a second time in Episode 19, only to be defeated by his Metal Tornado move. He is restored soon afterwards, only to finally be destroyed by Metalder's Laser Arm attack in Episode 37, standing as the final guardian of God Neros.

Brave Generals Tagsky and Tagsron
Tagsky and Tagsron are the "Tag Brothers", two swordsmen. Tagsky wears red and yellow armor and is an expert with the sword while Tagsron wears green and black armor and is a master of the naginata. Both brothers fight Metalder together and separately. They first appear in battle in Episode 7 where they attack Metalder together. They demonstrate their combined attack to the Emperor on a repair robot outside the Ghost Bank, destroying it. They are defeated when Metalder tricks them into stabbing each other, causing them to retreat. In Episode 10, they appear again. This time they fight Rhapsody in the Ghost Bank and are non-fatally defeated when he breaks both of their weapons. These two appear in Episode 23, during the Four Army relay race. Tagsron fights Metalder with the Shadow Light Fighters, in Episode 25, and is defeated by Metalder's Metal Tornado Move. Tagsky weeps at learning of his brother's defeat, and then seeks vengeance. Before he can do so, he is defeated after landing on a landmine in Episode 26. The two are shown wearing their armor in the background of the Ghost Bank during Episode 27. These warriors are either different than those seen before or perhaps this episode aired out of order. Although Tagsky is killed earlier, his armor is given to Mai's brainwashed father to wear in Episode 36. Tagsky's armor is scrapped afterwards.

Violent Spirit Hidouman
Hidouman is master of the tachi and the spiked ball. He battles with both of these weapons on a single chain. While engaged in a secret meeting in an active mineshaft, one of the miners accidentally witnesses the event. Hidouman is assigned to silence the miner, so he takes the miner's family hostage, which lures Metalder into battle. Metalder confuses him through duplication techniques inspired by a previous fight with Galador, and then strikes his hand to separate him from his weapon. Metalder then destroys him with his Laser Arm attack, which also splits him in half.

Heroic Fighter Wogger
A master of the spear. His entire body looks like a collection of grey tubes. He accompanies Chuubo in his attack on Dr. Koga, which also leads to his first battle with Metalder. In Episode 14 he gains a chance to battle Metalder again, though this time alongside Madonna. He is the first to admit being impressed by Madonna's battle skills and the first to inform her about her promotion. In battle, he discharges electrical energy from the tip of his spear, as well as manipulates enough wind to generate a sandstorm. He imprisons Metalder in a deep ditch by using this sandstorm attack, and tries to bury him alive, with the help of some projecting and imprisoning bars. After escaping from the trap, Metalder uses one of the bars as a weapon and causes Wogger to lose his footing. In a classic feint, he calls out to Metalder for assistance. When Metalder approaches him, Wogger unleashes more aggressive attacks, until Metalder realizes he was a lost cause and uses his Laser Arm attack to slice Wogger in half. In Episode 27, Wogger II first appears. He is summoned to lead the hunt for a triad of biological experiments called Gorigons which had escaped from the Ghost Bank. He is defeated by Metalder during the hunt, when Metalder uses his Metal Tornado Move on him. He was restored and makes his final appearance, in battle, in Episode 37 while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and Top Gunder. He is destroyed for good by Metalder's Laser Arm attack.

Heroic Fighter Barlock
Barlock is an athlete dressed in blue-green tights and a silver mask resembling a Greek warrior. His outfit fits the theme of a scuba diver. He wields a scythe and chain in his right hand and a clawed gauntlet on his left hand. Barlock was a former decathlon athlete who sabotaged his rival's chance to enter the Olympics. After his rival committs suicide, he feels shame at his cowardice and seeks out challengers to prove himself. In Episode 8, he battles with Hedogross in the Ghost Bank for the chance to fight Metalder, but loses. He later appears and snags Hedogross' hostage to use as bait to draw Metalder into battle. He is defeated, but not destroyed by Metalder's Laser Arm attack. Redeemed by fighting honorably, he sacrifices himself by taking a tank blast that was meant for Metalder, and possibly the hostage, thus killing him.

Explosive Fighter Galador
A Ninja master of magic, equipped with dirty tricks including explosive cards, shurikens, and self-duplication. He also seems to be able to send Metalder into another dimension and throw/summon fire. In Episode 12, he battles Metalder one-on-one, bringing with him the Shadow Light Fighters. He also attacks Wisdom in that episode when she fails to defeat Metalder. In Episode 15, he is assigned by Coolgin to capture Wisdom. He appears in Episode 23, during the Four Army relay race. In Episode 24, he uses all his magical talents to fight Metalder, until he is defeated by Metalder's Laser Arm attack. Restored to full function, he appears in Episode 33, but loses to Top Gunder during an interrupted training exercise. He appears in Episode 37, his final appearance, after being restored, while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and Top Gunder. He is destroyed for good by Metalder's Laser Arm.

Explosive Fighter Robinken
A camouflage-garbed commando. He appears in episode 14, falsely attacking Madonna so that Metalder would come to her rescue and fall into a trap. He appears in Episode 14 performing a sneak attack against Metalder. He appears in Episode 19, alongside Chuubo, Jamune, and various members of the Armament Army. Robinken has the rare mentality of not caring about rank. During the Four Army relay race in Episode 23, he captures a camera-toting youth wandering in the area reserved for the race. Robinken leads Metalder along a circuitous path to the Four Army finish line. When Metalder escapes with the hostage, Robinken gives chase, coaxing Metalder into a trap-laden course of his own design. The traps ultimately failed and Robinken is destroyed by Metalder's Laser Arm attack.

Furious Fighter Ben K
An armored warrior with a large hammer named after the legendary Saito Musashibo Benkei. Ben K wins the honor to hunt down Metalder after defeating Gebaros in the Ghost Bank. He secretly attacks Ryusei by throwing a hatchet at his leg. With an injured leg, Ryusei leaves Mai behind and retreats into the woods. Ben K has the advantage with his mighty hammer, but Metalder manages to store just enough power to destroy Ben K's helmet. However, despite Metalder's wish to kill him, he spares Ben K's life upon realizing he was a human. After that, Ben K abandons the Empire. He returns in Episode 13 to help Metalder save Hidouman's captives, the miner and his family. He is killed by the Shadow Light Fighters, whom he simultaneously defeats. Like the legend, Ben K dies standing with arrows in his body.

Furious Fighter Jamune
A boxer with expensive upper body padding. In battle, he can launch his boxing glove-shaped fists at his opponents. In Episode 8, he is Barlock's lackey, helping him retrieve the scientist hostage that the Neros Empire had taken. He appears in episode 14, falsely attacking Madonna so that Metalder would come to her rescue and fall into a trap, and sneaks an attack on Metalder later. He also appears alongside Chuubo in Episode 19. In Episode 21, he battles Metalder one-on-one. Metalder defeats him by discovering his weak spot in his legs and knees. Metalder defeats Jamune with his Metal Tornado move, which knocks Jamune into a lake and out of the battle. He was restored to full function in Episode 33, but was defeated by Top Gunder during an interrupted training exercise. In Episode 37, he was restored again and made his final appearance while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and Top Gunder. He was destroyed for good by a fatal shot from Top Gunder.

Light Fighter Apprentice Madonna
The only female Light Fighter. She's also special for working specifically and only in Coolgin's army. Originally seen as a slave, like Wisdom, she proved to be a strong and brave fighter when she protected an exhausted fellow slave from Wogger's blows. Coolgin, having watched the altercation, was impressed by her combat skills and promoted her to Light Fighter. Before becoming a slave, she was a tennis player who was "recruited" by The Secretaries to work as a slave by rebuilding damaged robots for the Empire. She had a sister, whom Metalder rescued and took to a hospital, after the girl appeared injured to him. Once promoted, Wogger gave her a flat-bladed sword with which to battle, as well as the new name/title of Madonna and freedom from her slave rank. Also ala Wisdom, she faked being a damsel in distress on the beach, only to turn on and attack Metalder after he tried to help her. Metalder recognized her from her sister's picture and tried to talk some sense into her by telling her that her sister was alive, which caused her to leave the battle. She returned to Wogger after her battle with Metalder and Wogger implanted a device into her armor to help her in her next battle with him. In reality, unknown by her, it was a detonation device. She was then used a decoy, faking a needed rescue, only to be saved by Metalder, luring him into a trap. Once he discovered it was a trap, Metalder used his Laser Arm attack to destroy her weapon and with Springer's help, learned of the bomb in her armor and chucked it out of her before it could harm them. Upon learning that she had been used, and that Metalder was right all along, she attacked Wogger long enough for Metalder to escape. Afterwards, she left the Empire and with Metalder's help was reunited with her sister in the hospital.

Shadow Light Fighters
Shadow Light Fighters was a group of grunts trained in ninjutsu.