Armament Army
The Armament Army consists of walking arsenal robots.

Victorious Saint Dranger
Victorious Saint Dranger is red and silver in color, wielding a tachi (longsword) in his right hand and a weaponized shield on his left. Dranger has blades, guns, and lights mounted on his ears. He supervised the Armament Army in carrying out the weapons test in Episode 20. In Episode 19, he fights Metalder in the Ghost Bank. He led the Armament Army ambush, when Metalder and Top Gunder emerge from the ruined Ghost Bank in Episode 37. He stands in disbelief after seeing his entire army wiped out within moments. He loses to Metalder after being struck twice by the Laser Arm attack.

Brave General Megadron
A humanoid tank robot with a circular head flanked by twin shoulder cannons. He also has cannons for fingers. He appears during the hunt for Bigwayne in Episode 11 as well as assisting Chuubo in Episode 19. In Episode 20, after the weapons test, he formulates the plan to use the Armament Army's prototype machine against Metalder. He appears during the Four Army Relay Race in Episode 23, and again in Episode 24 helping to blast Metalder during his fight with Galador. He is destroyed alongside Bulchek in Episode 37.

Violent Spirit Darbarbo
A humanoid rocket silo. He has missile launchers on his chest and shoulders. In Episode 8, he trains with the other members of the Empire. In Episode 9, he and Bulchek interfere in Hedogross' battle by firing on him and Metalder. In Episode 10, he destroys Rhapsody after the violinist fails to destroy Metalder. He appears in Episode 11 during the hunt for Bigwayne and again in Episode 19 as backup to Chuubo. In episode 20, he acted as controller of the artillery robot and is used by Metalder to destroy it shortly thereafter. He gets rebuilt and appears in Episode 23, during the Four Army Relay Race. In Episode 24 he helps even the odds during Metalder's clash with Galador. In episode 37, he is destroyed by the second volley fired by Metalder, after the Ghost Bank had collapsed.

Violent Spirit Agmis
A humanoid torpedo robot. He is mobile and red and grey. He is armed with a spear gun. In Episode 4, he self-destructs in an attempt to blow up Metalder on a boat. He was presumably rebuilt, as he appears briefly in Episode 11, during the hunt for Bigwayne. He takes over for Bulchek midway through the relay race in Episode 23, but has some difficulty, as he is better suited for water than land. He is destroyed with Darbarbo, in Metalder's second volley, after the Ghost Bank collapses in Episode 37.

Heroic Fighter Barbery
A humanoid helicopter. He shoots explosive missiles from his wrists. His first encounter with Metalder in Episode 2 results in a mid-air collision which damages him considerably. Barbery is spared by God Neros and ordered to be repaired. He usually appears alongside Strobe in battle and missions. He is destroyed in mid-air by Top Gunder in Episode 37.

Furious Fighter Strobe
A humanoid jet plane. He shoots exploding missiles from his wings and is often sent on missions/appears alongside Barbery. In Episode 23, he uses his air superiority to assist Bulchek, Agmis, and Megadron by carrying them across difficult sections of the course. He is destroyed in mid-flight by Top Gunder in Episode 37.

Fierce Fighter Bulchek
A humanoid tank. He has a long cannon-like nose that can launch artillery. In Episode 8, he trains with fellow members of the Empire. In Episode 9, alongside Darbarbo, he blasts Hedogross and Metalder while they battle together. He appears in Episode 11 during the hunt for Bigwayne and again in Episode 19 as backup to Chuubo. He discovers the boxful of abandoned puppies in Episode 20 during the weapons test cleanup and protects them, even when they are designated as bait because he loves all animals. While attempting to rescue a puppy wandering amid the mines, Bulchek accidentally triggers one and is heavily damaged. The puppy is unharmed, and he leaves it in Metalder's care. He is the Armament Army's first choice for the Four Army relay race in Episode 23. In Episode 24, he helps Galador by blasting at Metalder during their scuffle. He is finally destroyed in Episode 37, alongside Megadron, during Metalder's first volley.