Name: Ryusei Tsurugi
Warrior Designation: Metalder

Metalder is an android built by Dr. Koga at the end of World War II originally as a countermeasure against the Americans. He was hidden in a secret base of the Japanese Imperial Army until Dr. Koga activated him years later to fight the Neros Empire. His human guise, Ryusei Tsurugi , is directly modeled after that of Dr. Koga's son Tatsuo. Whenever his energies reach a peak from rage, with the cry "Anger!" (Ikaru), he transforms into his metallic form. Like Tatsuo, he loves music and plays the saxophone from time to time. His Reflection Circuit gave him the same feelings as humans and a sense of right and wrong. Powered by 'super-gravitational energy', his killing techniques include "Laser Arm", "G-Kick", "Metal Tornado" spinning kick, "Head Crash" ram, "Plasma Punch", "Metal Bomber" punching attack from above, And "1000 Hand Punch". At the end of the series he defeats God Neros but in the process is greatly damaged, nearly resulting in his destruction. With Kita's help, Metalder is spared from destruction but at the cost of his human form.