Silver Carcass
Metalder's secret base of operation, hidden within the Wind Caves of Fuji, underneath the ruins of the former Imperial Army's Headquarters. It is the place where Metalder has lain dormant for over 40 years until his activation at the start of the series. The Silver Carcass is usually kept underground until Metalder needs to dispatch a vehicle, when it rises to the surface. Springer remains there for standby in case Metalder needs him, particularly when Metalder needs repair. When the Neros Empire drew closer to locating the Silver Carcass, Metalder relocates a portion of the base at another cave with Springer.

Side Phantom
Metalder's motorcycle vehicle with a detachable side-car.

Metal Charger
A transforming, four-wheel flying car based on a sixth-generation Mazda Familia that Metalder drives.