Helen (Helen Lady)
Name: Helen
Designation: Helen Lady
Anna and Ben's older daughter and Spielban's older sister is 22 and was captured by the Waller Empire when she was only a child. She was forced to witness Waller turned her father into Dr. Bio. Later, Dr. Bio was instructed to do the very same to her as well, converting her into Hellvira (????? Herubaira?) with a secondary persona that activates via remote control. Helen is constantly kept away from her brother fearing she would turn into Hellvira and kill him. When trying to stop Spielban and Diana from killing Dr. Bio her secret as Hellvira is revealed as well as revealing Dr. Bio's identity as Speilban's father. After Pandora's trap almost kills her, Bio places the comatose Helen in a protective tube. When Diana learns that Helen survived, she and Spielban save her, as Dr. Bio destroys the remote control, deactivating the Hellvira persona. Soon after, Helen joins her brother in the fight against the Waller as Helen Lady. When she shouts "Kesshou!" ("Crystallize"), Helen is equipped with a high-tech crystal armor identical to Diana's and is and armed with the double-sided Helen Cutter.