Villains (Megabeast Empire)
Satan Gorth
A being born of the negative energy of the Universe, the great-god-demon whose revival was foretold in the Galactic Bible with the power to enrage the creatures, turning then in vicious monsters. Satan Gorth's objective is to create a Megabeast Empire in the Galaxy and rule it from the Earth, more specifically from Tokyo, Japan. In the finale, Satan Gorth discards his armor and becomes Dai Satangossu, possessing a Cthulhu-like appearance.
Mad Galant
Mad Galant is Satan Gorth's son and his heir to the Megabeast Empire. Juspion's antagonist throughout the series, he is capable of fighting him with his sword and with his black VTOL 6-legged insectoid walker/plane, the Juldbooma. He wears a reminiscent black Metal Tec Suit similar to Juspion's and can take on human form. Mad Galant is destroyed once by Juspion in the episode 29, but is soon resurrected by Gilza; in the penultimate episode of the series he has a climatic final battle with Juspion. After being deadly damaged by Juspion in this battle and furious by refusing to admit that a "simple human" (Juspion) could be stronger than a mutant (him), he turns himself into a giant Satan Gorth for a few moments, similar to his father's first form, and tries to attack the hero, but due to being previously wounded he returns to his original form and dies right after.
The 4 Deva Kings
hirelings of Mad Galant.
top-ranking ruthless bodyguard in the galaxy. Born in a planet located at the other exrteme of the galaxy, he was the first enemy in the entire series to be killed via Juspion's fatal attack Cosmic Halley.
evil android who wrongly attributed to Kerly and Hanna (Juspion's biological parents) the downfall of Machine Empire, which he wanted to rule. As a revenge, Zampa attacked Juspion's family's spaceship, forcing a disastrous crash land which killed them both, leaving only Juspion to survive. The hero avenged his parents by destroying Zampa.
a dark prophet with a crystal ball, she and Guilleau become Mad Galant's personal bodyguards after Iki and Zampa are defeated by Juspion.
a female spy and master of disguise, she and Brima become Mad Galant's personal bodyguards after Iki's and Zampa's deaths by Juspion. Her weapons were a spear/flute/blowgun, not only could she shoot the blade on the end forward to explode against Juspion, but she could also play a tune on it to transform herself and others into different forms (such as disguising herself into a bird to spy on others, or to turn other people into animals to get this one boy to use his skills to draw Juspion being defeated). She could also use the flute to control others's minds but as a result of Juspion's armor he was immune to her flute, but however she could cause him to suffer vertigo so as to teleport herself and others to safety. In the end her flute was destroyed by Juspion, resulting in her and Brima combining into a wolf-beast form to attack Juspion. Both her and Brima died together when Juspion defeated them in that form.
Galactic Witch Gilza
alien witch who was responsible of bringing Mad Galant back to life when he was first defeated in battle by Juspion. Gilza is precisely an expert in curses and general dark arts. She had successfully removed Juspion's soul but it was returned to him shortly after. She had with her an enchanted knife that was her focus in battle and trying to remove Juspion's soul which she kept trying to do until she was killed. Her knife was the only thing which could harm her and Juspion used to finally destroy Gilza with Cosmic Halley attack.
Gilmarza, Spectre Queen of the Dark Galaxy
Gilza's elder sister, debuting shortly after Gilza's death. In order to receive some of Satan Gorth's evil power, Gilmaza infiltrated several planets across the Universe and slowly caused the extinctions of these civilisations through sutile strategies - such as, in Planet Zobos, by preaching the worship of Satan Gorth to young people and ruining them, drowning the planet in a wave of crimes; or, in Planet Sweet, by cleverly manipulating the leaders of East and West, leading them ultimately to war. She died with the Aliens, after Satan Goss was killed and the energy he released vaporized them all. She has the 5 Space Ninjas as her top soldiers.
The 5 Space Ninjas
Gilmarza's top soldiers created through her black magic, they wear suits of black armor differing only in the color of their forehead plates (which name them after the element he/she represents, in a conception taken directly from Taoism). They all have two "default attacks" (a plasmic projectile with the same color of their forehead plates and a kind of "plasma sword", both channeled via their hands) and one peculiar fighting "special technique" (except for Sui). They only revealed their true forms after having their heads split open by Juspion's sword.
apparently the group's leader. His "special technique" consists on him jumping above a jet of fire and then rushing into the enemy, strongly hitting him with an explosion; his true form is of a cannon which springs out from his neck, fueled by Fuu's meteor/comet.
his "special technique" is similar to Ka's but using wind instead of fire; his true form is of a massive meteor/comet which fuels Ka's cannon.
his "special technique" has him burrowing deep into the earth to provoke massive earthquakes or ambush careless enemies; his true form is of a giant skeletal serpent-like demon that can project plasma discharges and create an illusion of itself with double size, thus increasing attack power.
unlike the other 4 ninjas, he has no "special technique" of his own, thus being limited to default attacks; his true form is of a kind of spiked satellite which shoots powerful electric discharges and sticks physically into any surface to drain energy through body contact.
his "special technique" allows him to fire green gravity beams from his fingertips; his true form is of a space fighter wearing white clothing with a horrible demonic mask and fighting with a long halberd, in similarity with a kabuki artist.