A gynoid created by Ejin, she is Juspion's companion in his journey. Being a machine, Anri is immune to evil powers.

Comic Beast Miya
A Teletubbies-esque baby alien creature found by Juspion and Anri on the jungle planet of Beezee when her parents were killed saving them from the Beezeeian hunters. Soon after, Juspion adopts Miya as pet. She is very friendly, intelligent, sociable and excellent cook. However, she almost doesn't speak, sometimes only repeating her name.

A space hermit and scientist on the Planet of the same name, Ejin is the descendant of prophets who defended the Galaxy Bible for millennia. While raising Juspion, he serves as Juspion's spiritual guide and mentor. He sacrifices his own life at the end of the series by confronting Satan Gorth alone to give Juspion the time he needed to find the "Tarzan of the Galaxy".

after his older brother, an Interpol investigator, was killed by Satan Gorth's forces, this medical student vowed revenge and became a 'Federal Nations Sheriff', fighting with his twin boomerangs.

The Nambara Family
photographer Ken'ichirou Nambara , his older daughter Kanoko and his younger son Kenta became closely linked with Juspion when Ken'ichirou took a photo of the Golden Bird. It turned out that Kanoko was one of the 5 children chosen by the Golden Bird to house its power until the time comes.

Kerly and Hanna
Juspion's biological parents, they zealed for the health of animals in several planets from Milky Way. Kerly was a forest guard while Hanna was a zoologistic doctor. They were both killed when their wrecked spaceship, attacked by Zampa, fell on Ejin's planet. They both reappeared as sprits to help Juspion defeat Zampa.

The Golden Bird
guardian phoenix god of the galaxy, a manifestation of the energies of righteousness. The bird scattered itself into five pieces that choose Kanoko, along with four other children ( Kumiko , Daisaku , Hiroshi and Mika ) to serve as its vessels until all five are brought together so that Golden Bird can leave their bodies and become whole again for the final battle with Satan Gorth, turning itself into a golden sword used by Daileon.

Tarzan of the Galaxy
:a baby mentioned in a prophecy in the Galaxy Bible, he landed on Earth, sleeping in a life-preserving capsule, as the sole survivor of a spaceship attacked by space pirates. Juspion saw himself in the baby and named it the Tarzan of the Galaxy .