A three-faced crow Fushigi Beast in armor that uses a forked trident, created to aid Fuuma's Darkian allies in capturing the Cureian prince Ozma. As Annie takes Ozma and Tamiko to safety, Shaider defeats the boy's Darkian pursuers before chasing Karikari into the Fushigi Dimension. Managing to impale Karikari with its own weapon, Shaider destroys it with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 32

A white puppet Fushigi Beast mutant with a large, creepy, smiling mouth and a cutlass. Posing a ventriloquist and using an animated puppet named Sakura, Marimari captures children to make into his marionettes. When Shaider intervening, Marimari captures Annie to add her to his collection. Once he destroys Sakura to break Marimari's hold over his victims so Annie can get the children to safety, Shaider pursues the Fushigi Beast into the Fushigi Dimension and destroys him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 33

A bug-eyed serpentine Fushigi Beast with bug-eyes and a halbred, created by Kubilai to destroy the dig site in order to conceal his weakness. After stealing the gold tablet from the dig site, Kagekage assumes a slime form to capture Shaider as Poe attempts to kill him. But breaking free, Shaider forces Kagekage off him as they take their fight to Fushigi Dimension, blasting the monster to bits with the Video Beam.
Episode 34

A dog-faced Fushigi Beast armed with spears and twin swords that assumes the form of Dai's father, Professor Daijiro Sawamura, to lure him a trap so he can be killed. However, Annie frees Shaider as he chases Daridari into the Fushigi Dimension and destroys him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 35

An computer-headed Fushigi Beast armed with a broadsword created to produce a supply of Yumecom, computers designed to grant the desires of whatever typed in it, in a scheme to induce laziness. When Dai gets to the bottom of it sometime after raiding on a factory, he and Annie eventually find the Fuuma's base of operations and destroy it. Chasing Comcom into the Fushigi Dimension, fighting a duplicate of himself in the process, Shaider manages to destroy the Fushigi Beast with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 36

A Fushigi Beast with a head resembling human lips who uses a sword and shield as his weapon. Assuming a human form called General Guchi, Guchiguchi recruits teenagers to create a foul-tempered army large enough to cause a world war and overwhelm Shaider. Using a homing beacon place in a truck holding captive teens, Annie finds the training grounds as Shaider arrives to provide back up. Chasing Guchiguchi into the Fushigi Dimension, forcing him into his true form while disarming him, Shaider destroys the Fushigi Beast with Shaider Blue Flash to break his hold over the teens.
Episode 37

A red Fushigi Beast with a movie camera on top of its head, posing as a video camera used in the filming of Mashoujo Cinderella, with child actress Sei starring in a Fuuma directed movie in hopes to encouraging bad behavior towards it target viewers. Going into the Fushigi Dimension to stop Sei from unknowingly killing her costar, Shaider battles Moviemovie and destroys it with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 38

A black Santa Claus-suited Fushigi Beast who posed as "Satan Claus" and visited all the boys and girls to take their presents and then creates an anti-Santa cult, converting children into his masked followers to commit acts of violence. After freeing the children from Satasata's influence and forcing him into his true form, Shaider chases the Fushigi Beast into the Fushigi Dimension and destroys him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 39

A large worm-tentacled Fushigi Beast who poses as an old man to kidnap genius children to use them in their plan to take over the universe as child soldiers. With Shaider faking his death, he and Annie manage to save the abducted children. Chasing Muchimuchi into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider destroys him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Movie 2

A green fish Fushigi Beast with secondary bug-eyes on its neck along with a drill-arm attachment, able to use a giant mallet and morning star. Terotero was created in a Fuuma scheme to take down the Vavilos when Annie unknowingly brought it into the ship as an Fushigi Beast Egg within a plush. Once hatched, Terotero evaded Annie as she unknowingly matures it with her laser. the primary Blue Plasma System, Annie manages to activate the secondary system in time as Shaider fall into Hessler's trap. Managing to drag Terotero out of the Vavilos, Shaider disarms the Fushigi Beast before destroying it with the Shider Blue Flash.
Episode 40

A white cupid-thmed Fushigi Beast with a heart-shaped chest armed with a heart-bladed staff. It was created in a scheme to destroy the bond between Shaider and Annie by making Vivian fall in love with the former. Pairpair later hold Shaider at by while Vivian carries out Fuuma's plan to destroy the Vavilos. Chasing Pairpair into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider impales the Fushigi Beast with its own weapon before destroying it with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 41

A blue humanoid snake Fushigi Beast armed with a trident. It posed as the teacher Miss Mitsuru to gather bullies in classroom 6-0, seemingly making them good in the public eye via her piano playing. But in reality, she makes them into dangerous sociopaths. However, when Shaider uncovers the scheme, Hebihebi battles the Space Sheriff as they take their battle to the Fushigi Dimension where she is destroyed by Shaider Blue Flash after being impaled by her own weapon.
Episode 42

The last of the Fushigi Beasts to be created, sent to Earth in the form of a sapphire egg to a middle class Ikeda family in a experiment to undermine Japan's social class system. Once fully grown into his plant-like form with ravenous hunger, Tsutasuta devours the family dog Jiro and forces the Ikeda family to buy a vast amount of food to the point of putting them in massive debt. After getting the family to safety, Shaider chases Tsutatsuta into the Fushigi Dimension and destroys him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 43

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