A scaly, green gremlin Fushigi Beast designed for the purpose of destroying Shaider. It overpowers Shaider in his first encounters until Annie arrives and blasts the monster in the back of the head, causing it to go into state of confusion and drives Hessler away before shrinking into a fairly harmless and cute lizard creature that is found by Kochirou. While Bokeboke runs off into a nearyby household, the Fuuma search for their creation to restore it to true form with twice the power. After Bokeboke regains it normal form, Shaider manages to hit it in the back with his Laser Blade before chasing into the Fushigi Dimension where he destroys it with Shaider Blue Flash after stabbing it in the head.
Episode 16

A Moai-themed Fushigi Beast armed with a double-edge spear and the ability to conjure giant leviating stone heads. Created in response to Poe having dreams, it was sent with the Girls' Army after Dr. Asai to get his aid in translating the Nazca images. After managing to save Dr. Asai and his daughter, Shaider pursues Girigiri into the Fushigi Dimension and manages to chop its hat off before destroying it with his Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 17

An multi-colored armored spider Fushigi Beast armed with a trident, created to capture Annie in a scheme to force Dai to reveal the meaning behind the Nazca images. After saving Annie, Shaider chases Muumuu into the Fushigi Dimension and manages to impale with its own trident before destroying it with the Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 18

A magnet-themed Fushigi Beast created by Poe after reviewing Shaider's fighting style and arsenal, designing the monster to use its magnet-forearms to cause Shaider's Combat Suit to malfunction. The attack also effected Dai's self confidence as perfects his swordsmanship while Magmag kidnaps a bus full of children so the Fuuma can rig it to explode to call the Space Sheriff out. After finishing his training, Shaider arrives to Annie's aid and overcomes Magmag's magnetism, destroying the Fushigi Beast with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 19

A green, thorny leech Fushigi Beast with a spear. Growing Fushigi Song Flowers on its body, Shigishigu to spread them across the city to brainwash whoever sniffs them enter a state of bliss before becoming dangerously violent as part of a plan to have the human race destroy itself. As Dai and Annie were vaccinated on Planet Bird, they were unaffected and attempt to destroy as many Fushigi flowers as an antidote is created. When Shigishigi causes a potential World War III, Shaider baits the Fuuma into a trap to fight the Fushigi Beast. Chasing Shigishigi into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider destroys it with Shaider Blue Flash after stabbing it with its own weapon.
Episode 20

A Fushigi Beast who poses as a photographer, having Chiharu's family care for Yaada in a cuckoo family experiment to destroy social ties through imprinting. Annie gets involved and is affected by Surisuri's spell, seeing the Fushigi Beast as Shaider as the real one comes to her aid immune to Surisuri's spell due to his Combat Suit's visor. Developing contact lens from the visor material, Dai and Annie infiltrate the Fuuma base. Chasing Surisuri into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider stabs him with his cane before destroying him with the Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 21

A sea creature-themed Fushigi Beast with a jellyfish head, starfish hands, and armed Fushigi Beast with a fin-blade halbard as its weapon. It was created to capture women on Namegawa Island to be scientifically altered into Marinian-like beings to serve the Fuuma, capturing Dr. Koshirou and Yoko as a result. However, a prototype gillman leads Dai to their base of operations before being killed off. Freeing the Fuuma captives, Shaider pursues Umiumi to the Fushigi Dimension. Fighting the monster's giant sharks and phantom-masked grunts, Shaider destroys Umiumi with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 22

A spiked Fushigi Beast with nunchaku and able to spew gas, created as part of a Fuuma scheme to use the anti-Vavilos device they are developing to negate Shaider's remote transformation. When Dai falls for the trap, he is unable to become Shaider as he forced to run for his life while subjected to the poison gas. However, Annie actives the Shokatsu System manually to save Shaider as he proceeds to destroy the machine. Chasing Gasgas into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider fights through the monster's red-helmeted, commando-garbed grunts before knocking the monster's broadsword away to destroy it with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 23

A white rat-faced horned Fushigi Beast in red armor with a spear, aiding Poe in the guise of a trumpet-playing barkeep to abduct pretty women along with Annie. However, Shaider saves Annie and chases Lovelove into the Fushigi Dimension, destroying him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 24

A gray psychic Fushigi Beast that wields a spiked club, posing as Akane's father to have her assume the identity of Esper Queen to cause chaos with her Esper Army gang. When Shaider gets involved and exposes his scheme, Psypsy assumes his true form. Chasing Psypsy into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider destroys him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 25

A tiki-headed Fushigi Beast with a trident who was used in a scheme to convert the populace of the New Town community into a Kubilai-worshipping cult. Shaider started investigating the strange events around the Yoshida family, destroying the Kubailai idol to free New Town folk. Shaider then chases Kamikami into the Fushigi Dimension and destroys the Fushigi Beast with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 26

A scaly gladiator-themed Fushigi Beast in a green fur mantle with horns on his head. Posing as a caesar-like figure, Deathdeath oversaw the combat between Girda and Billy Shinigami, converted into Fuuma cyborgs, massacre athletes kidnapped and drugged by Fuuma. One learning the truth, Shaider defeats the cyborgs and frees the athletes before chasing Deathdeath into the Fushigi Dimension, knocking the monster's sword away and then destroys him with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 27

A wool spindel-headed Fushigi Beast with a sheep's head protruding from its' abdomen and using a scissors-bladed staff as its weapon. Hessler and the Girl's Army use the wool from Itoito to manufacture clothing that gives the user super powers with a violent side effect, testing on the clothes on children before making a clothing line for adults. Annie infiltrates the store front, donning various guises to stop the production at its source. As Annie accomplishes in her mission, Shaider chases Itoito into the Fushigi Dimension and destroys it with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 29

An elephant-like Fushigi Beast with an extendable trunk-tendril and a star-bladed spear that was created to assist in Fuuma's black market scheme involving child slavery by posing as a Goony Mat funhouse. Despite Hessler's precautions for the Shaian, Shaider manages to force his way into the base to free Annie and the children. After blasting the Fuuma base to bits, Shaider destroys Buyobuyo with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 30

Furry white ape-like Fushigi Beasts with large ears. They were created as part of a plan to make use of the premature Fushigi Beast Eggs Kubilai sneezed out while suffering a head cold, selling them off as "canned pets" Fumafuma of Amazon. The Fumafuma would be bought by children as the Fuuma convert one of the Fumafuma with a growth elixir and have it command the smaller ones to attack the humans. After Shaider takes out the Fumafuma manufacture plant, he and Annie track down the modified Fuwafuwa as it gathers its army and go on a rampage. When Shaider arrives to Annie's aid, the Fuwafuwa fuse into a single ape-like form that could blast electricity and wield a trident. In the end, Shaider destroys the Fuwafuwa monster with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 31

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