Fushigi Beasts
The Fushigi Beasts are pychedelic, deceptively comical-looking creatures that Kubilai "gives birth" to in the form of pearls called Fushigi Beast Eggs using a special ceremony with the help of Poe. Placed within boiling Fushigi Seawater, the pearl enlarges into a giant egg that Kubilai hatches with his beam. Their naming system is two syllables, then those two syllable repeated. During a fight with Shaider, a Fushigi Beast retreats into a Fushigi Dimension where it becomes 4 times more powerful in an attempt to get the upper hand against Shaider along using the realm itself as a weapon.

A green and red Fushigi Beast with a Barong face, using a spear, and able to roll into a ball. It was sent to Earth in order to ensure Fuuma's scheme to using the Fushigi Song to sent people into a beserker rage via a pirated broadcast. When Shaider arrives to stop it, Balibali is deployed to deal with him. After Shaider destroys the broadcast source, Balibali escapes into th Fushigi Dimension with the Star Sheriff in pursuit. Balibali tries to kill Shaider in both giant and normal-sized forms before the Star Sheriff destroys it with his Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 1

A hideous canine Fushigi Beast with eyeball bombs and a long tongue who assumes the form of a dwarf trumpeter and takes some of the Beasts incognito as a carnival band so they can parade around town while shooting particles from his mouth to drive any animal infected into a crazed carrier that passes the madness into other animals. Managing to track Petpet down with Annie's help, Shaider chases the Fushigi Beast into the Fushigi Dimension where the monster uses the environment to his advantage before Shaider uses his Shaider Blue Flash to destroy Petper.
Episode 2

A green plant monster with a halbred who was created in a plan to keep the Star Sheriffs from interfering by exposing Annie to altered delusion-inducing, with Girugiru and the Rare Beasts disguising themselves as the rest of her family to trick her into attacking her partner. Once Annie snaps out of the deception, Shaider chases Girugiru into the Fushigi Dimension and destroys it with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 3

A purple skull-faced Fushigi Beast with a ram-headed staff, Meromero disguised herself as a witch to lure children with delusions of magic they can be switched with the Beasts posing as them in animal form so that the real children can be turned into loyal animal-human hybrids to manipulate their parents into submission. When Dai gets involved, he manages to find the lab at an amusement park with the aid of Yohko's dog. With Annie providing cover, Shaider manages to restore the mutated children and destroy the lab. As Annie takes the captive children and Yohko to safety, Shaider pursue Meromero into the Fushigi Dimension where she gained the ability to disappear and attack him out of nowhere. But Shaider uses his Shaider Scope to counter before destroying with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 4

An over-sized silkworm Fushigi Beast with a goofy looking face on his belly and a staff who is used in a scheme to make hard working people lazy. With the Girl' Army spreading rumors about the monster as an enlightened being, they gathered hard working people to become lazy gluttons before entering a chrysalis state to eventually become worm-like creatures. However, the incident gets Dai's Attention when Girl 1 kidnaps Yohko for a forced conversion after being brushed off. When Annie is captured during her infiltration, Shaider saves her from becoming a chrysalis before fighting Mujimuji as Annie takes his potential victims to safety. Taking the fight to the Fushigi Dimension, Mujimuji overpowers Shaider with his silk attacks until he is destroyed by the Shaider Blue Flash with his victims restore to normal.
Episode 5

A food-based Fushigi Beast with a bowl-like hat who creates food and beverages that gives whoever eats it telekinetic powers in a scheme to have the bullied children take revenge on their tormentors. Gokugoku's food was first tested on a depressed child named Shigeru who attacked not only the bullies, but his PE coach and his own family with before collapsing once losing the last of his powers. Shigeru's sudden change catches Dai's attention as the Fuuma start recruiting more bullied children to cause chaos. Using the cat Shigeru discarded, Dai finds the boy as he is force-fed by the Girls Army. Once having Annie take Shigeru out of harm's way, Shaider battles Gokugoku before they enter the Fushigi Dimension. Using his knife and fork on Shaider, Gokugoku is destroyed by the Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 6

A Fushigi Beast with a throned staff based on the Rose Animal, a proposed giant frog/rose hybrid, who was sent after the biotechnology scientist Dr. Katori to get the data to create actual rose animals to ravage cities. It was only created as a countermeasure when Dai offers to protect Dr. Katori's daughter Ayako when she is targeted when the scientist refused to give the Girls Army his research. After Barabara renders Annie powerless with its rose petals, the Fuuma gain the CD holding the Rose Animal data until Shaider arrives and destroys it in the ensuing fight. Fighting Barabara in the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider manages to impale the monster with its' own weapon before finishing it off with the Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 7

A green reptilian Fushigi Beast with a mantis-like torso for a head to help Hessler capture a rebelling teenage girl named Yukari, who is actually the princess of Planet Freyn and sent to Earth during Fuuma's genocide to be safe until she is of proper age to return to her homeworld with the other survivors and rebuilt it. When Dai and Annie uncover the truth, Yukari refused to believe it and was captured by the Fuuma as she runs off when brought to where the earth-bound Freynians are to gather. After saving Yukari, Shaider battles Hesseler's group and Fuuma aircraft before chasing Kerokero into the Fushigi Dimension. After chopping its head off, Shaider destroys Kerokero with the Blue Shaider Flash. Soon after, Yukari finally leaves for Freyn.
Episode 8

A Fushigi Beast with bongos on its chest that allow it to teleport and armed with a mallet and twin swords. Tamtam's ability to manipulate music is used in a scheme to make the children into Fuuma's devoted servants. Tamtam first uses the music of the brainwashed Blue Boys band and using it to corrupt the minds of the youth. Investigating the concert and unable confirm Fuuma's influence, Dai finds the band. Fuuma then starts the next phrase by ensuring the parents would the Blue Boys Band due to their children flunking, luring the children into a concert with Tamtam and a few Beasts posing as the Blue Boys. However, Dai and Annie crashed the concert, saving the captive audience and the real band. Chasing Tamtam into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider battles guitarists in gas masks and a giant mallet drumstick before destroying the Fushigi Beast with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 9

A college professor Fushigi Beast with a quill-like broadsword, a large hardback book embedded in its' chest. Able to manipulate dolls with its music, Paspas targeted children to teach them the Fuumese language and spread it like wildfire. Dai learns of the scheme when he encountered a group children who have no recollection of being out. When Dai starts getting too close, Paspas aid Hessler and Girls Army in attacking him until he escapes in the Vailos. Once the parents finally believe Dai after seeing Paspas's work themselves, he and Annie disguise themselves as stuffed animals to wait out the Fushigi Beast. After gaining access to Paspas's dimension, Shaider made his move. As Annie gets the children to safety, Shaider battles Paspas in the Fushigi Dimension before destroying it with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 10

A police-themed Fushigi Beast with a cell door as part of its collar and a pinwheel staff who is used in a Fuuma scheme to abduct child prodigies to be enhanced for a ten year plot to conquer Japan incognito. However, Annie manages to allow herself to be captured while in disguise so she can free the children as Shaider arrives to her location. As Annie takes the children to safety, Shaider pursues Getogeto into the Fushigi Dimension where the Fushigi Beast overpowers with its mirror-themed powers until Shaider destroys it with his Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 11

A robotic Fushigi Beast with a mouthless humanoid face with wing decorations and a mouth on its chest supporting Fuuma's scheme to supplant children with robotic duplicates and eventually eliminate the real one. When they piece together the plan, they save Genta as he is attacked by his robot double, forcing the robot into its true form as they follow it to Hessler and Roborobo. Pursing Roborobo into the Fushigi Dimension, Shaider battles the Fushigi Beast and its three phantom-masked warriors before using the Shaider Blue Flash to destroy Robobo, with all the robot duplicates evaporating as a result.
Episode 12

A strongman Fushigi Beast with a trophy-like head, iron weights on his shoulders, and an arsenal of olympic-themed weapons used in Hessler's scheme to lure promising athletes into a underground gym to make them into Fuuma followers by taking out her competition. When Dai noticed such a change change in girl named Haruka, he and Annie managed to find the underground gym break Fuuma's hold over the athletes. As Annie takes the athletes to safety, Shaider pursues Kotokoto to the Fushigi Dimension and splits the monster's head in half with Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 13

A yellow/gold/black-colored dragon-like Fushigi Beast with a large, open, fanged filled fire-spewing mouth above one set of eyes with another set on the sides of its head. Guriguri was created to pursue Jimmy Kitahra, who mutated after being exposed to time warp radiation. As Jimmy believed Mariko to be her aunt, his love Kiriko, the Fuuma had Guriguri possess her to capture Jimmy in order to duplicate his molecular-bending powers for their plans. However, Shaider intervenes and chases Guriguri into the Fushigi Dimension, stabbing the monster with its own sword before finishing it off with the Shaider Blue Flash.
Episode 14

A tusked turtle Fushigi Beast armed with a trident who breaths fire and smoke, created to go after the last three survivors of Planet Marine their golden turtle until Shaider drove it off. When Gamegame goes after the Marinians, Shaider chased it into the Fushigi Dimension, fighting it and its phantom-masked warriors until Shaider runs the monster through with its own weapon before destroying it with Shaider Blue Flash while the Marinians leave for Earth's seas.
Episode 15

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