Laser Blade sword

Video Beam Gun

Vavilos serves as headquarters of Shaider and Annie as it circles around the Earth. In combat, the Vavilos can fire the Vavilos Beam from its wings. Whenever Shaider enters the Fushigi Dimension and encounters a giant Fuuma gunship, he summons Vavilos, commanding it to transform either into a giant gun called the Big Magnum or a giant robot whose chest emits a giant laser beam called Vavilos Fire, fires Vavilos Lasers from its hands, catch the Fuuma Gunship's missiles and throw it back towards the Gunship and can shoot Vavilos Missiles.

Big Magnum

A multi-part tank that splits into the Sky Shaian and the Battle Shaian. It is also equipped with a Shaian Searcher.

Sky Shaian
A fighter jet that fires Shaian Beams.

Battle Shaian
A drill tank that it contains Shaian Rockets to attack enemy arsenals on the ground, or underground, rescuing people enslaved by Fuuma in the process

Blue Hawk
A Suzuki motorcycle that serves as Shaider's vehicle to enter the "Strange Realm" in order to chase the Fuuma's Strange Beast. Capable of shooting Hawk Lasers and Hawk Missiles.

Suzuki SJ
A stock mini-SUV from Suzuki with Jimny livery and spare tire cover design, which Dai uses to patrol in plain clothes.

RX-7 Savanna FB
A yellow sports car from Mazda which Annie uses to patrol in plain clothes.