Uchuu Keiji Sharivan

Uchuu Keiji Sharivan
JAPAN 1983 - 1984
Episode Count: 51
Air Date: March 04, 1983 - February 24, 1984

Den Iga, a forest patrolman was attacked by the monster Buffalo Doubler of space crime organization Makuu Empire in Mount Tsurugi and he was seriously injured in the process. He was helped by Uchuu Keiji Gavan who was visiting Mount Tsurugi in order to search for his father and assisted Den in undergoing medical treatment in Bird Planet. Chief Com of the Galactic Union Patrol evaluates the courage which fought against the monster of Makuu Empire without flinching, and trains him to a Space Sheriff. He was given the code name of "Sharivan", and he returns to Earth with Chief Com in order to help Gavan in the case of the last decisive battle with Makuu Empire.

Gavan, who was able to ultimately bring down the Makuu Empire, is promoted to the Galactic Union Patrol captain who takes charge of the whole solar system. Sharivan is appointed as the Space Sheriff specializing of Earth. Sharivan, who was visiting the headquarters of the Galactic Union Patrol in order to receive special training as a Space Sheriff, acquires the information about underground activities of the evil ESP society Madou, he returns to Earth again female sheriff Lily to protect the Earth.