The Space Crime Organization Makuu

Don Horror
This monstrous six-armed idol-like being is the leader of the criminal organization Makuu. This powerful villain wants to erase Earth, the obstacle that prevents his conquest of the universe, and is ready to use any means to destroy it. He lives in the Makuu castle which files in the Makuu domain/tunnel. He is immobile throughout; how he gave birth to a son by Kiba is a mystery that remains unsolved. He is killed by Gavan in their final duel.

Hunter Killer
He was Voicer's partner, but betrayed him to join the space crime organization Makuu. This one-eyed pirate was Don Horror's right hand man, but was dismissed when he was replaced by San Dolva. He reappears to help Gavan to find his father just before dying to redeem himself.

San Dorva
He arrives with his mother and takes the place of the traitor Hunter Killer. He is the son of Don Horror and Kiba, wears a crimson armor, and holds a scepter which contains his mother's brain. This pitiless chief is killed by Gavan in the final battle.

This terrible old witch is the wife of Don Horror, and San Dorva's mother. She co-plots a devilish scheme to exterminate Gavan. Her mind is in San Dorva's scepter and she can materialize at any moment. She is killed by Gavan along with San Dorva.

The foot soldiers of Makuu in black leather and tights. They are unlimited in number and act only when in groups.

Horror Girl
Don Horror's secretary. She never speaks, but can be heard laughing all the time. She operates the Dimensional Conversion Switch on the orders of Don Horror. The Dimension Conversion Switch produces a black hole called the Makuu Space. It causes a explosion every time it is used.